Dr. Bunhead’s Blast Off!

So… I was always a theatre girl. I did A-level theatre, the West End is one of my favourite places in London, I love live shows. When I first came to Hong Kong, I tried to find theatre stuff, but it was hard. I didn’t speak Cantonese when I first came, and all the theatre things happened on the island, and I lived so far north, my house was ten minutes from China. Plus, it was very cliquey – if you didn’t go to an international school, it didn’t quite work out. I didn’t go to an international school.

Anyway. A decade later when I went to university, I met a couple of people who also loved the theatre (and who had gone to international schools… of course…) and I was introduced to these people who were part of a production company in Hong Kong that brought theatre shows from the UK (and sometimes the USA) to this little city. And so a couple times a year now, I get to hang around a theatre, laugh with the performers, move through back of house, and generally just have a lot of fun.

This past weekend was a weekend full of science. It’s not Dr. Bunhead’s first time in Hong Kong, and many of the kids who came this weekend had seen him before. It’s a show full of kids’ humour (poop, farts, boogers and the like), but also full of real, actual facts. And of course, as the name suggests, there is hydrogen, oxygen and real fire (boom!) as well as liquid nitrogen (kapow!) leading to a tonne of explosions (you can imagine how much paperwork had to be done before we can get the show on stage haha).

And after every show, Dr. Bunhead came out to talk to the kids, sign autographs, take pictures, and answer almost every question they (and their parents!) come up with.

So yeah. It’s been a good (though busy) weekend :)

Final Embrace.

So we shot this end of April, and it came out a few days ago. The last shoot I did before this was in January, so it’s just nice to remember that I get to do shoots too. (For some reason, a lot of my work this year has to do with theatre or post-production… it’s not a bad thing, but shoots are my first love so yeah…)

Chef’s Table – season one.

Last year, I was approached to produce a huge show spanning various cities and restaurants. Whilst doing research for said show (which I didn’t end up getting), I was told about Chef’s Table, which I had no access to as I had no Netflix.

I have Netflix now.

Without realising, I watched the first season in a day – I didn’t know that there were only six episodes to a season. The most compelling part about the show is understanding what goes on in the brain of a hugely successful chef. The most awful part of the show is the fact that I will likely never be able to afford a meal at any of these restaurants. I also don’t like the music, but that’s just a personal thing. I’m not a fan of Vivaldi’s Seasons, so the theme tune is like… meh. And I know classical music, so it’s distracting when it’s in the background. But like I said, it’s personal. I’m weird. I’m sure other people love it.

My favourite episode in the first season is the last one, featuring Magnus Nilsson, who owns Fäviken in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. It’s incredible that this little restaurant, so constrained by its environment, can serve up meals that are just beautiful.

The Dan Barber of Blue Hill Restaurant episode was also great. I love farms and watching this episode about his grandma’s farm made me happy. Farm to table is so two (or three or four or five) years ago, but the concept will always make sense, and fresh food is always best.

Anyway. Shows like these inspire me to make good shows. Maybe someday, one day…. :)

Home sweet home

Genting was SO nice. 21 degrees, great sun during the day time, breezy and cool and night. SO much better than this sticky, disgusting 33-degree Hong Kong. BAH.

It was great to see Jess. I’m so glad she came up the mountain to visit and bring me food and laughs!! Wish I could’ve gone down to see JB, Bren & Boo but some things just aren’t meant to be. Also wish we didn’t have to leave the bloody hotel at 5am to get to the airport in time for our flight. Seriously. Post-show. Meaning we wouldn’t even be back in our rooms until just before midnight… and we’d have to pack… WTH.

In other news, I’m so thankful that RJW is standing in for me at my other job. I don’t think I would have coped with heading in to TVB and working… Would’ve been nice to see the sister though. Oh well.


To China and back

Nanjing and Xi’an, both old capitals of China, both beautiful in their own ways. It’s my last trip to China for a while, and it was wonderful. My work trips are always fun, and the guys I travel with are super wonderful… I’m so blessed.

In other news, the air in China completely dried me out. I was drinking several litres of water a day and yet my face still became pruny. And dry flaky skin quickly became eczema… and now I have skin falling off my face like dandruff and it’s really quite gross. Thank God I can hermit at home for a while.

I’m gonna miss travelling…