Knight and Day.

So I watched this because I just dissed it a couple of posts ago, and I felt like I didn’t remember it enough to make an accurate assessment…

But I was right. It wasn’t spectacularly awful (I mean come on, I just watched Aloha… ugh) but… I wouldn’t count it among the good ones in the many, many films Tom Cruise has made in the past 12 years (such as Collateral, Tropic Thunder, Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher, the Mission Impossibles… I feel like I’m repeating myself haha).

Anyway. Cameron Diaz is playing the usual Cameron Diaz role – a little ditzy but hella kick ass when she has to be – and TC is playing the usual TC role – army trained, majorly kick ass, good heart… The story is formulaic maybe only because I read too many crime thrillers, but the jokes are funny, and the action is pretty fun too.

So… not awful, but not amazing either. Maybe a good movie to put on in the background while I continue to practice my letters… Haha.

The Bling Ring.

Yeah okay no.

When The Bling Ring came out a couple years back, I wanted to watch it because it was Emma Watson and it because it was Sofia Coppola, and because the premise – I thought – was quite interesting. I didn’t expect it to be quite so high school… I should’ve known. I mean, it’s about high school kids for goodness sakes.

Anyway. I really wanted to switch it off about a third of the way through… but I didn’t. Mainly because I was also practising my letters, so really, it was just playing the background. But yeah. No. Not my cup of tea at all.

Lettering: small letters!

On the letter l today. Well. Actually. I did h i j k & I’m now on l. Yesterday I did c d e f g. It’s the pens, I blame the pens. I finally got the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tips… and boy oh boy, they are incredible to write with! (But yes, because I had to get them shipped over all the way from the US of A… the price… of shipping…  *stabs self in the heart*)

Anyway. I’m kinda glad that I did the drills on the softer tips (Tombow Fudenosuke dual tips, and the Pentel Touch sign pens) because it really made a difference. Although the very weird thing with the current lettering situation is that I seem to be doing okay with the ones that are supposedly average/difficult but not doing so well with the ones that are supposedly easy (letters i & l) *eyes roll* But well. I’m just going to whiz through the whole alphabet (and the alternatives when there are alternatives), and then go back to the ones that were yucky. And maybe I’ll have made some progress. Maybe.

Okay. Back to the lettering :D

Drills drills drills

It is said that it takes 10,000 hours of doing something to master it. So if I practice an hour a day, it’ll take me just over 27 years to master this lettering thing. Bah.

On the other hand, I’m pretty easily distracted so maybe I won’t be doing this in another month.

Anyway. I’m almost done with four weeks of drills. I cheated – most days I do two days of drills, except for oval days, I do a shit tonne of ovals because ovals are so darned difficult – so it’s not actually been four weeks, but it also means I get to start actual letters this week :D So exciting.

In other news, I posted drills for the first time a few days ago (on instagram) and got more likes and comments than I ever expected. The lettering community, even amongst my own friends, is so damn supportive. Haha.

FullSizeRender (2)

Tombow Fudenosuke ‘Hard Tip’

For the past year or so, I’ve been following more and more typographers – some people are designers, they make amazing logos and create beautiful fonts, others are hand letterers. I am in love with beautiful script, and am incredibly jealous of people who write menus and wedding invites and random quotes in their distinctive scripts, each a little different from the other.

Anyway. For the past couple of weeks, I’ve had nothing interesting on, so I decided I would embark on my own lettering journey. Let’s just say that I’m still in the practice makes progress part (yeah, no where close to practice makes perfect omg)… But part of the reason (or maybe I just like to place blame) is because I can’t find the right pen. Sigh. I can’t find these bloody Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tips anywhere in Hong Kong. I’ve tried CN Square (one of the largest stationery stores in the city, complete with one whole floor – out of four – dedicated to art supplies), I’ve tried Eslite, I’ve tried Log-on, I’ve tried Loft. I’m currently using a Tombow Fudenosuke Dual Tip, but I don’t know. I think the tip is too soft. But that might just be me whinging.

In any case, maybe one of these days I’ll post my progress here. For now, I’m a a bit embarrassed at how incredibly bad my hand control is hahaha… And in the meantime, anyone know where I can get hold of those bloody pens here in Hong Kong?