T minus 3 days

Counting down to Chinese new year…

There’s a side of me that’s super duper curious to know what is predicted for the horses this coming dragon year. Every year, fortune tellers make money by publishing books on what we can look forward to. Mostly if it’s the same animal of the year that you were born in (ie. every 12 years – and I apologise for not explaining this better but I’m not super coherent right now), then you’re in for shit luck. But dragons are supposedly awesome animals – the kings, in fact, hence everyone seems to want a baby boy this year – and so I’m curious to know what is in store for the horse. Not that I believe in any of that crap, you know, me being Christian and all… *cough cough* So I’ve managed to refrain from peeking into the books and/or asking my other horse friends thus far… Heh. We’ll see whether I can last out!!