Mahjong days!

I love a good hangout with friends at a mahjong table :D Super fun today except for all the smoke. On the one hand, I’m quite mortified that I used to be a heavy indoor smoker myself and now can’t abide it, but on the other hand, I have always hated secondhand smoke – I used to light up when others did in an indoor space precisely because I hated secondhand smoke. Sigh.

Anyway. I’m home and I bloody reek of smoke. I felt like a walking ashtray on the bus heading home.

But I had fun :D We played sixteen “circles” (or rounds I guess) but we had quite a few “falling dealers” so in actual fact it was quite a bit more. Looking forward to next time already! Yay!


First T10 since 1999!!!

Can’t believe I scoffed earlier at the cancelled recording (well, I didn’t scoff out loud… haha). And I was sitting at home, thinking about how much I wished I had friends to play mahjong with, and then at 8pm, I got a text: Wanna MJ?!

YAYYYY!!!! So blessed.

Okay. Must sleep now. It’s T8 again, which means the winds are leaving and I will have to be at the studio soon. Eek!

Good night!!!