The Enormous Crocodile

by Roald Dahl.

My favouritest children’s book ever. I’ve bought so many copies of this book – given them to friends with kids, and then gone out to buy another because I like to read it again and again and to stare at the beautiful pictures more. I want to get a tattoo of the **spoiler alert haha** elephant swinging the croc around by his trunk. And then **super spoiler alert** the croc zooming up into space, and then crashing and burning in the sun.

It really is such a great story. I read it today, out loud, to a friend at a cafe. Hahaha. I love it.

Nova Heart

Woohoo!!! What a show!! It started late, the venue was smokey as hell, and the opening band was really not that great (and the house mix was quite terrible) but when Nova Heart finally hit the stage, they were bloody amazing. The energy was fantastic and for some reason, for someone who doesn’t dance very much at all, it was music that made me dance. I love it. I’m so glad I caught them in action! Yay!



Esperanza Spalding

And the Radio Music Society.

What. A. Performance. The girl is amaaaaaaaazing!! Her voice is like honey, her range is unbelievable and she never hits a wrong note. Crazy! And on top of that, she’s playing awesome bass (electric AND double bass) and having a great time with her band.

And can I just say, that girl who sings backing vocals (but is also a trumpet player, I think) — how tight are they?!!! How much practice, I wonder, does it take to get that tight!! I’m so super amazed. I absolutely loved it. She rocks my socks man.

Three words: A. Maze. Balls.

Three words: A. Maze. Balls.

The new Nexus!

It’s awesome!! Okay so it’s an LG with a built-in battery, but it’s so easy to use and it’s great! I love it. I’m not the type who changes phones often, so I’m gonna stick with my iPhone 4 until it’s dead I guess. But that new Nexus is really looking good… I like. Just wish they had swype (I think that’s a Samsung thing) but oh well. Can’t have it all, right. Haha.

In other news, I can’t find my hairstylist. He’s not answering texts. Strange.


Because it was Pi Day (an American event, as we Brits put date first, month second, but them Americans put month first date second so it was 3.14…) my friend and I decided we had to have pie for dinner and so I ventured out into the big unknown despite being quite ill. And because it’s difficult to find good pie in Hong Kong, we went to an old favourite of mine in the hope that they would have pies today. They only had shepherd’s pie today, but their food is always good, and their shepherd’s pie was pretty damn amazing.

And whilst eating pie, I learnt that (thanks to my friend who has all sorts of encyclopaedic knowledge about pie) shepherd’s pie is made from lamb and not beef, because shepherds mind sheep and not cattle. It made so much freaking sense hahahaha I don’t know why I hadn’t realised that. I also learnt that cottage pie is shepherd’s pie with beef (and maybe peas – according to someone, she doesn’t know who, it has peas). And that cumberland pie is shepherd’s pie with a breadcrumb topping. So interesting.

Can’t wait until she opens the pie shop. Heh.

Silver Linings Playbook

So as I was watching the movie (on the plane, in Premium Economy, thank you very much), it occurred to me that I knew exactly where the story was headed, even the names of the characters seemed oddly familiar, and I kept thinking I’ve already seen this film… except I haven’t. And then it finally occurred to me… that I read the book. Hahaha. I’m such a dweeb. Seriously.

And if I recall correctly, I didn’t much like the book. I finished it, but I remember thinking there were too many football references (that I didn’t get) (I don’t get football culture – that is, American football culture – at all), and also possibly the not-liking-so-much stemmed from me having just moved into my own place having lived with my ex for two years hahaha. Break ups schmake ups.

Can’t remember who lent me the book though. Char, maybe? Must ask her, one of these days…

Upgraded baby!!

SUPER blessed that I got a fantastic seat in premium economy. I’ve always scoffed at premium economy – I never really saw the difference… until tonight. Hahaha. I suppose it helped that I had a front seat – as in, super extra legroom – and there was no one next to me (although there was someone next to the empty seat). I never used to like the super extra legroom because I sit weirdly most of the way, but these new front seats have leg rests which were pretty damn perfect. SO DAMN BLESSED. And movies-on-demand, which means no more stupid missing the beginning of the film thing… YAYYY!! CX FTW!!! (And I so very rarely say that hahaha…)


Okay. I was NOT expecting what I saw. Hahaha. I was SO SURE she was Japanese, until she slowed down and actually talked. HOW this is a Canadian thing, I do not know. Omgoodness. I guess it’s good to be introduced to some new music, new styles, new things you know. Can’t always be doing the rock or the soul rnb thing… I don’t even know how to describe her, but my goodness the energy in the place was faaaaaaaantastic. Great eye-opening, jaw-dropping experience. Hahaha.

Thank you, C. Again.

(PS – The best thing about this night? PRATA!!!!!!!!!)