Hope Springs

This movie was so funny. Although I suppose most Meryl Streep romcoms are quite funny haha. She was the only reason I went in to watch it, and it paid off. Easy (predictable), feel good story, Tommy Lee Jones rocked it as a grumpy middle-aged man!! Ah Meryl, queen of the silver screen.


Aiyah. I’d read so many good reviews about Dredd, and went in with quite the wrong expectations!! Anyway. It was a good movie, I just wish I hadn’t seen Raid: Redemption. Waaaay too similar, but R:R was done much better *sigh* I suppose it’s a different type of action film – one’s realistic action (so to speak) and the other is futuristic action, but to me, the futuristic action just seemed like watered down Hollywood action. Sadly.

Oh well. I would’ve regretted not seeing it, so it’s a good thing I did I guess…

More Downton Abbey

Season two, done!! I heart Maggie Smith. Dame Maggie Smith?? She has the absolute best lines, and delivers with exactly the right tone and pace. I laughed out loud several times despite myself. Hahaha. So… should I start on season three, or should I wait until it’s all done and go on a marathon?!