Yayyy :D Delicious home-cooked food by the best chef ever (my mother) and yummy Ritz-Carlton cake to top it off. Woohoo!!



So Michael Gungor played at church anyway. It was great. And Andy G (err Pastor Andrew, actually) blew my mind with his sermon on the Prodigal Son. I’d always wanted to understand the story behind the older brother (most Prodigal Son sermons are about the Father’s heart of forgiveness for the younger son)… And I finally got it.

Go listen to the podcast. It’s worth it.


So I’ve been looking forward to the Gungor gig for a while, but in the end I couldn’t make it *sigh* I have hermitting issues, and tonight they really flared up again. Couldn’t even leave my house to say goodbye to a friend. Luckily for me, he’s willing to do a dinner thing tomorrow. I will make myself leave the house to go to church. God help me….

Have you seen my voice?

I seem to have lost it. Completely. It was so weird to be mute, especially since I’d been fine the day before. It meant having to be extremely resourceful. Thank God for whatsapp – and thank God that May was driving today. I can’t imagine having to whatsapp any other driver *eyes roll*

The funniest thing was explaining to my boss that I’d lost my voice. We’d just worked together the night before, and I was fine. Hahaha. I must have left it in TST when I was drinking with Charlie…… Oops. Heh.


Eight years ago (omgosh it’s been eight years) I met a girl called Charlie on the set of UltraViolet. We became great friends because we’re both a bit mental, but then she was based in Shanghai and I was in Hong Kong and so we kinda lost touch over the years. There was the sporadic msn conversation, which stopped when I stopped using msn, and then there were the sporadic facebook messages, which were terribly infrequent mainly due to the fact that there is no facebook in China… Anyway. She texted a few days ago, saying she was going to be in HK for about 30 hours, and would I like to come out for a drink…

So tonight we met up, after eight years, and it was like we’d just seen each other last week. Hahaha. Too fun. So much fun that I think I’ve lost my voice… hahaha.


Best night with two wonderful boys who are both leaving me over the next eight or ten days. Sigh. One of them heads back to Manila tomorrow, and the other is going across the big blue ocean to a city of bright lights and endless possibility. If only Hong Kong had the latter, then maybe he’d stay…

It’s been a fantastic couple of months hanging with them almost every week, laughing at terribly bad, obscene jokes, listening to the dreams and the plans and the silences in between.

And while I know I’m going to miss them both terribly, I’m so glad they are off to better things… There is a blackhole of creativity in Hong Kong, sadly, and both of them boys deserve so much more.