Moonrise Kingdom

I am SO IN LOVE with Wes Anderson. I was first introduced to the man when I watched The Royal Tenenbaums about a decade ago… and my goodness, he’s so amazing. His stories are so awesome, so entertaining, and his storytelling methods are always interesting. I’m so glad that I got to see Moonrise Kingdom this evening (I sneaked it in, actually, haha). Yay!


Me: Hi!!! I’m finally free tmr because Boss is flying!
Hairstylist: Err… I’m flying too.
Me: Oh.
Hairstylist: HAHAHAHAHA
Me: Fail.
Hairstylist: After I come back?
Me: Then Boss will be back too and I’ll be working crazy hours again.
Hairstylist: HAHAHAHAHA
Me: Hmph.

Goodbye Beijing, hello Hong Kong!

It’s been a blissful 36 hours. Flying, landing, staying in BJ, enjoying the breeze on the balcony, watching Suits, zzz, getting up, Nespresso coffee, enjoying the apartment, watching the sun set in BJ, flying (with an empty seat next to me so I can stretch out, yay!), landing, watching Bourne Legacy, heading to drinks, going home. Home sweet home.

Beijing airport


Landed in Beijing! Staying at a friend’s beautiful apartment in Sanlitun. The weather is amazing. I love it, especially standing out on the balcony, enjoying the breeze… I am, however, starving, and there’s nothing to eat in the house. The fridge has rolls of film, and batteries. Typical of a bachelor/photographer/producer dude. Haha.

The food-less fridge.