Gmail sch-mail

The new gmail interface was forced upon me a few days ago and my beautiful dark grey background is no more… Thus, I went through the new themes and picked the “Tree”. And over the past few days, the weather on my gmail background (with the tree at the bottom of the page) has matched the weather in Hong Kong.

To the extent that as my friends were talking about a lightning storm where they were (I couldn’t see it from my flat), the interface changed, right before my eyes, into one with a lightning storm happening.

Technology. Amazeballs. I feel so… old…

To Macau

Later today for a quick stay at the Banyan Tree… and then back for my bro’s birthday on Sunday. I’ll be computerless for the first time in… a long, long time. But I guess as I will have my phone, it doesn’t count much anymore. Technology scmechnology.

Ticketing madness

After the furore the past week in which my entire facebook feed was either about Jeremy Lin or Henry Tang, today, most of my facebook newsfeed was about the crashing of ticketing sites because of Lady Gaga and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Hahaha.

Apparently, there are gonna be some great films at the HKIFF this year. I’ve missed so many years of great films because of my unknown schedule… Guess it’s just gonna be the same this year too. Haha.

In other news… I wonder when we are going to know whether or not Radiohead comes to Hong Kong…