Really hate it when you’ve been looking forward to something so much, and then when you open your eyes, you realise that the sun is lower than it should be and you reach over to pick up your phone to look at the time, and it’s 38 minutes past the beginning of service.


And then then you think, well, by the time you dressed and head out and arrive, it’ll be at least 17:15.

Which is an hour and fifteen minutes after the beginning of service and about twenty minutes from the end.


And in case you were wondering, I slept through four alarms. Yup.



So much gossip. Who am I to agree with you that someone else is fucking up when I, myself, am always fucking up? And yet my idiot human self will nod and agree, because I don’t want to be excluded from this select little group of otherwise awesome people. Although in reality, I am, in no way, a part of the group.


Have you seen my voice?

I seem to have lost it. Completely. It was so weird to be mute, especially since I’d been fine the day before. It meant having to be extremely resourceful. Thank God for whatsapp – and thank God that May was driving today. I can’t imagine having to whatsapp any other driver *eyes roll*

The funniest thing was explaining to my boss that I’d lost my voice. We’d just worked together the night before, and I was fine. Hahaha. I must have left it in TST when I was drinking with Charlie…… Oops. Heh.


This trip has been a very Delirious? one. I’ve spent a lot of time listening to them. I love their songs. They speak to my heart.

There’s this book that I’ve been trying to read, that my mum gave me for Christmas. But every time I try to read it, I hear the author’s voice in my head, and it drives me crazy. Sadly. It’s not a voice I want to listen to a lot. Eek. Under most circumstances, I would probably have given up reading it, but it’s actually quite interesting… So this trip, I’ve discovered that listening to Martin Smith sing whilst reading the book erases the author’s voice. Yay!

In other news, I bung my head. I bung it so hard there’s a dent on the lump that formed *sigh* It’s actually quite funny, except I feel like a complete idiot. What’s new haha…