Ten Years.

Ten things about Ten Years:

  1. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan Tatum are so damn cute together.
  2. Rosario Dawson and Channing Tatum make a surprisingly good (ex)-couple.
  3. Chris Pratt was not hot back then. At all.
  4. High school reunions are damn scary.
  5. The Justin Long / Max Minghella storyline was super annoying until they got real. Which then became quite sweet, and made the annoying part make sense. But still. Too annoying.
  6. When the girls scream when they see each other, I cringed. Because it’s true. Girls scream when they see each other. I don’t, for the life of me, understand why.
  7. Pretzels is an awesome name for a karaoke bar. Haha.
  8. The story is quite meh… but…
  9. Kate Mara is a fantastic actress and Oscar Isaac has a beautiful voice.
  10. Yellow shoes are awesome.

Sense and Sensibility.

I grew up a huge fan of British literature. From Jane Austen to the Brontë sisters to Charles Dickens to George Eliot, Virginia Woolf, Jeanette Winterson and Ian McEwan, George Orwell, CS Lewis… The list is unending.

When Sense & Sensibility came out back in the 90s (1990s!!!), I remember being quite excited because I was going through an Austen binge at the time. I was at boarding school, and watched it at the cinema with Elissa – to this day, I don’t know why she chose to watch it with me, but I’m very grateful!! I was so in love with Kate Winslet and so in love with Hugh Grant, and Greg Wise was so handsome but how could he have given up love for money!!! The last shot of Greg Wise (as Willoughby) watching the love of his life marry another man from afar, then turning his horse away and riding out of their life… Oh my heart.

Yeah okay I’m a hopeless romantic. Hopeless.

Anyway. It wasn’t until much later on that I realised how beautifully Ang Lee had directed this film, how he had tread the fine delicate line of restraint. And while I fully understand how difficult it must have been for the actors to work with a Taiwanese man, whose culture is completely different, to work on a traditional, classic British story… I do think that whoever it was who hired Lee was one helluva genius. Lee is perfect for all things understated, for things of duty and restraint and… just incredible.

I love that this film is on Netflix. Think I might have to re-watch it again soon :D

Love Actually – the sequel.

Omgoodness this gave me ALL the feels :D

I managed to find a very bad quality version on dailymotion or dailyvideo or one of those sites via a link on social media. I really hope we get a better quality version somewhere that won’t be taken down as soon as it’s posted…

Okay. Before I go on. Know that there are spoilers ahead. Like. Major. I’m going to be talking about this. Properly. If you don’t want to know who came back for it so it’s a nice surprise (as it was for me) then don’t read on!!!

[spoiler alert]

[Spoiler Alert]


[okay I guess that’s enough notice….]

First of all, I’m not sure Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor have aged. At all. And then the doorbell goes and it’s Rick (from The Walking Dead) back in his original role as Peter, which made me laugh. And while the cards got a bit old, the end of the bit was a huge surprise as Kate Moss walked into frame :D And it made me happy that Peter got his happy ending… Ahhh.

And then Colin Firth and Portuguese wife and three kids! Three! So cute!

And Billy Mack, talking to the same radio DJ at Radio Watford bwahaha… but then the bombshell that his manager had died sent me into an immediate google search. Thank goodness Gregor Fisher is still with us…. I was actually shocked for a minute.

Then Rowan Atkinson, still the world’s slowest gift wrapper :D

And then the second cutest couple – Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon <3 still so darned awesome. I’m really impressed that they convinced Hugh Grant to dance again, considering he was apparently extremely reluctant the first time round… Haha.

Onto my favouritest couple – Sam and Joanna – also known as the incredible Thomas Sangster & Olivia Olson. I didn’t know Joanna would be back. I was THRILLED to see her. It gave me all the feels! And the cheeky teasing banter from Liam Neeson is still perfect, even though his son is all grown up!! Wish Claudia Schiffer had done another cameo, but I suppose it was so perfect the first time round, no point…

But. No Laura Linney… I really wanted to know how her life panned out. She was the one who really deserved a happy ending but didn’t get it in the movie. No Colin Frissell (the one who went to America) (I’m hoping he is still living the good life and bringing the chicks back for his good friend Tony!)… No Martin Freeman / Joanna Page (although I assume these two are living happily ever after) … And no Alan Rickman / Emma Thompson. This last couple, we all know why – the great Alan Rickman passed away early last year – but it would have been nice to see Emma Thompson and the kids, but yeah, it had been reported earlier that she would have been too sad to do it without him.

In a way, I kinda wish this was a proper sequel… Not just a 15 minute thing for charity. But you know what, I’m so glad that we got even a short little glimpse into all of their lives again.

Love. Love. Love.

Happy birthday, Lois.

Today is Lois’ birthday. She used to be a dj at a local radio station in Hong Kong. Actually, most people in Hong Kong would know her voice. It’s always on TV, for commercials and ads. She’s got a wonderfully beautiful speaking voice.

I haven’t seen Lois since… maybe 1999. Or 2000. I hope she is doing wonderfully.

(Postscript – in my quest to find accurate lyrics for her song, “Thinking of You”, I found that someone had uploaded one of her radio programs (part one embedded below). Listening to it brought back all those memories of my life in high school… Wow.)