Better Back Therapy.

I love Kickstarter. It’s introduced me to so many awesome things – such as Peak Design (I recently did a survey from them and realised I have way too many PD thingsĀ hahaha), the goat mug (which was a present, actually), my grown up watch (which I don’t wear often enough but still, I now have a grown up watch haha), and today I received my Better Back Therapy pack :D

I don’t remember how I came across Better Back, I just immediately wanted to know more because I have such a bad back (and have had such a bad back for so many years). The concept is simple enough – it supports your lower back and holds you such that you sit up straight and stop hunching over – so it’s pretty awesome. It’s a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but hey, it’s made for Americans I suppose (only in America do I wear a size S…)

In any case, really looking forward to testing it out. It’s harder at home since I sit on a bar stool most of the day and it works best when one’s feet are placed flat on the floor, but in all likelihood I’ll be sitting at a deskĀ all day tomorrow so maybe it will be best tested out then! Yay!


I’ve had a headache for three days already. It ranges from being annoying to humungously headsplitting… but I can deal with annoying, although it is annoying. I think the reason for the headache is the lack of caffeine (going from drinking 4-5 cups of a tea a day to zero) but I’ve been reading up on caffeine withdrawal and it’s only supposed to last a couple of days but it doesn’t seem like it’s going away… RAH. I suppose I’ll give it a few more days. Not like I have a choice anyway. And no one can tell, unless I tell them. And anyway, there’s always Advil. Although I only took one on the first day and none since… Hmmm.

So bloody sick

Somehow, for no apparent reason, I got really sick. Half my throat was swollen, I couldn’t swallow properly, and it was a horrible feeling. Luckily after all my meetings, I had time to go and see my doc, and she did the most amazing thing for me. She pressed down on this pressure point on my thumb, and my throat miraculously opened. Miraculously. Of course, as soon as she let go again, my throat bloody closed up again and swallowing hurt again.

So she prescribed these meds for me, and then somehow half-jokingly said that she was worried I was going to get a fever and that I would get better quicker if I let some blood out. I was like… What??! Which meant of course I have to try…

So she called the nurse in, got a pricker thing, and pricked my thumb three times where she’d been holding the pressure point down, and let some blood out. Then she did exactly the same thing for the other thumb. And then she put bandaids on my thumbs and said, Okay, you should get better faster now…

By the end of the night, I was feeling like SHIT. I had a fever, my throat was gone, I could barely stay awake. I seriously felt like shit. I crawled into bed after work (sadly, we didn’t finish until midnight) without even showering, feeling hot but cold but hot but cold, and thought about how I much I hated feeling sick, especially this week, the busiest week I’ve had so far…

And then twelve hours later, I woke up and I was all sweaty and hot but so much better. Even my throat was better. No kidding. Still a little headachey but still!!

I am amazed. Amazed at the power of my doc (for predicting the fever, and the pressure point thing, and the fact that I was feeling better). Amazed that God made me better in time to get my scripts done before deadline hit. Hahahaha. Yay.


The last time I went to a pilates class was in October of last year. That’s sad :( after then I’ve either been on tour or class was cancelled or class fell on a public holiday… *sigh* And so, the little core muscles that I’d built up have, I am quite sure, melted into a big blob of flab… And hence I am, once again, overworking my lower back, which would explain the interminable and excruciating back pain that is preventing from standing up straight… Doomed, I tell you.

In other, related-ish, news, I haven’t been to the gym in ages either. Bah.