Watoto Children’s Choir

Funny how in the same week that the whole Joseph Kony thing exploded, the Watoto Children’s Choir made its way to Hong Kong and to The Vine. They are the most energetic choir I’ve ever seen. No standing around in white robes with plastic folders… Lots of jumping and dancing and having fun instead.

Watoto is so interesting – safe havens for lost, orphaned children – God bless them and the work they are doing. If you have a moment, click into the Watoto homepage for methods to help them – prayer, finances, volunteering, whatever it might be. Thank you.

Joseph Kony.

Global unity to bring some kind of justice to this part of the world.


The backlash is interesting. Responses on YouTube and articles about repercussions… I guess every decision, every action, has pros and cons. There is good reason to shed light on this issue, good reason to let the world know about atrocities happening on another continent, and yet of course, now Kony knows to go into hiding, or to launch a terrible offensive…

Global unity for world peace. May that day come soon.