It’s been a while…

Mostly because I’ve been busy. It’s good to be busy. But I’ve also been sick. Sadly. Anyway. Day job, freelance jobs, God is good, but I’m still broke. I fully intend to break that broke thing before the year is out. God willing.

Anyway. Before I get back to work, here’s a picture of the beautiful southwest of Hong Kong. I was hanging with TCW, but then I had to work, and he let me work in his car, while he drove to the edge of the city… and waited for me to be done before we went down to the water. I am so blessed to have a friend like him!!!!!

All of God’s glory…

Crazy week, chill weekend

After a whole week of not getting home before 4am, I had the chillest weekend ever (so chill that I forgot to blog haha!). I was very late to lunch on Saturday, but after the lunch (and hanging with the girls until 7pm) I haven’t left the house since.

It’s been a restful day and a half… thinking about things that are to come… and procrastinating by playing Solitaire Blitz. Sigh.

Carpe diem. That’s what I need to do.

To China and back

Nanjing and Xi’an, both old capitals of China, both beautiful in their own ways. It’s my last trip to China for a while, and it was wonderful. My work trips are always fun, and the guys I travel with are super wonderful… I’m so blessed.

In other news, the air in China completely dried me out. I was drinking several litres of water a day and yet my face still became pruny. And dry flaky skin quickly became eczema… and now I have skin falling off my face like dandruff and it’s really quite gross. Thank God I can hermit at home for a while.

I’m gonna miss travelling…


I forgot that I can’t blog in China haha :) found me a VPN so here I am temporarily heh. Fuzhou is a very interesting city – lots of the new and old juxtaposition which I love… New cafes next to street vendors… Love it.

4+ hour bus ride tomorrow to the next city… Was hoping for a 9am call so I could watch the Lakers@Knicks game on the bus but nope. Maybe I’ll try and get up early to watch haha… Maybe…

In the meantime, guess I’ll be skipping another few posts until I get home. I love China… But I’m so glad I don’t live here…

Skipped a post already!!!

I am a fuckwit hahaha. A post a day my ass!!!

So far, it’s been fun spending time with friends (played mahjong until 5am the other day haha!!) and family. And it’s been interesting looking around the flat and seeing how very empty it is without my flattie. I’m now back at the stage where I wish the house was mine so I could renovate it and redo the silly layout! Bah!

Right. I think I need to go and pass out now, since I’m supposed to be going hiking tomorrow. Good night!