Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2!

Watched 2D version (thank God) at Broadway Mongkok. April 2017.

So good!

Okay. I didn’t enjoy the first one as much as the whole entire planet Earth seemed to. I mean, yeah I loved Groot as much as everyone else did, but the rest of the film… was good but it wasn’t mind-blowing… not to me anyway. I’m not sure if it was actually because I was just sick of superhero movies. I hadn’t seen anything else remotely worth seeing in a while, and it was just too much. Anyway. That was then. This is now. And volume 2 is pretty awesome.

So I should mention here: SPOILER ALERT.

SPOILER ALERT. No kidding.


Okay. One last time: Spoiler. Alert.

In particular, I love Baby Groot. He’s so darned cute. And smart. And cute. I can’t even. I wasn’t quite sure about the whole Kurt Russell I-am-god-with-a-small-g storyline (although the entire film is pivoted around this), but I suppose it does its job in moving the story forward, moving the characters forward (Star Lord, in particular, gets to deal with finally resolving the dad issue), and bringing more people into play (Sylvester Stallone, Michelle Yeoh, teenage Groot).

But yeah, it was an entertaining, enjoyable, popcorn ride of a movie. Yup. Good stuff :D

Iron Man.

The film that gave Marvel Studios credibility. The film that started the whole Marvel Cinematic Universe saga. The little film that could.

Rewatching this film made me happy. I’d forgotten how awesome Pepper Potts was (“I do anything and everything Mr. Stark requires, including occasionally taking out the trash.“), and how hilarious it was when Tony Stark trained himself to be Ironman, and how much I’d enjoyed Terrence Howard as Rhodey (although Don Cheadle more than handled the role in the rest of the films).

So much fun happened in this film. Major kudos to Jon Favreau and Robert Downey Jr, but also to Marvel Studios for having the foresight to trust Favreau & RDJ with this outing. After 9 years of MCU films, this one is still in the top 5.

Thor: Ragnarok.

Alright. To be very honest, Thor and Captain America have always been the least interesting characters to me. You know, blond, good looking, hunky, boring. Cap was later redeemed in the second and third Captain America films (Winter Soldier & Civil War), which perhaps is more a statement of how interesting his world is, rather than how interesting he himself is (Falcon for the win!) but the two Thor films just remained… not that great.

Cut to this trailer that premiered a few days ago, which I immediately posted because it was SO DAMN GOOD. Seriously. Taika Waititi – I cannot believe how much life you’ve infused into a character whose best quality was being made fun of by Tony Stark (doth mother know you weareth her drapes?!!!) I can’t believe I’m this excited for a Thor movie. Phwoar.