End of year pressure…

There is this inane need in me, to write a reflectory kind of post because today is December 31st *eyes roll* Seriously. But I’ve been busy. Editing, filming my boss, etcetc, and then yeah, so I haven’t done it. And I feel like I should. In any case. It will come. It really will. Might take some time, but it’ll happen. Heh.

Upgraded baby!!

First upgrade in my life!! The new Cathay Pacific business class is awesomeness!!! Still not used to being addressed by name on the flight though (the last time this happened was when I travelled business class to and from Sydney back in 2004). But it was great… super comfy. Stupendously blessed methinks! Yay!

Christmas dinner!!

Yay to roast pork belly and turkey and lots of mashed potatoes and brussel sprouts and delicious bread pudding and strange African tea… So blessed to get a proper Christmas dinner so far from home, heh, and more delicious than I would have had if I’d stayed in Hong Kong. Haha!! I have amazing friends, I really do.

Thanks to the Cho girls & dad, and Vic & Yuko.

Merry Christmas!