SHA: Hongqiao Airport.

Maybe I should start blogging about airports. Haha. Yes okay I know I’m weird.

Anyway. So I often leave Shanghai on the single Dragonair flight that leaves Hongqiao Airport at lunch time daily. It’s usually one of the large planes (although also usually one of the older planes), and though the airport is old and had nothing in it, it was a pretty punctual flight (unlike at Pudong), and since there are less flights coming into and out of this airport, there are also less people, which makes passport control, security checks etc faster.

As of the end of March, however, the Cathay Dragon (formerly Dragonair… sigh) check in counters moved from Terminal 1 to Terminal 1A. Essentially, it just moved from one side of the building to the other. But after checking in (still paper boarding passes, no mobile boarding passes yet), going through passport control and security checks, you walk into a newly revamped area, with lots of USB plugs and (China) plugs, and even a Wagas cafe! I was so happy to get my juice fix (spinach, kale, avocado, pear, apple) and a croissant, as I hadn’t had lunch yet. And then – I know this might be a bit weird – before boarding, I went to the ladies, and while there were only five cubicles, each one was incredibly traveller friendly – there was extra space to wheel in your carry on luggage, a hook for tote or handbag (or backpack), a little tray thing for your phone, and there was a flat top behind the toilet to place any shopping you’d done. That’s a winning toilet :D

So yes. The old airport in the city is now my preferred airport in Shanghai haha. Can’t wait to go back to that amazing city soon!!



hey; you up?

can’t sleep again; and i wanted to tell you that

you’re nothing but

molten dust and bacteria; just

moon formation; oxygen breathing;

ice ages; feet on solid ground;

fire; asteroid impacts; mass extinction;
pangea’s demise; war; renaissance;
discovery; exploration; landfall revolutions;
railroads; light bulbs; photography; a great
depression; a world at war; atomic
explosions; footprints on the moon; ethernet
cables; digital highways;

and poetry; and chance encounters;

i wanted to tell you that

you’re everything; and

before me, it was always you; and

before you, it was always you; and

it was always you; it was always you…

— owen lindley

(you should follow him on instagram if you have instagram… he makes magic with his words…)

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Mahjong days!

I love a good hangout with friends at a mahjong table :D Super fun today except for all the smoke. On the one hand, I’m quite mortified that I used to be a heavy indoor smoker myself and now can’t abide it, but on the other hand, I have always hated secondhand smoke – I used to light up when others did in an indoor space precisely because I hated secondhand smoke. Sigh.

Anyway. I’m home and I bloody reek of smoke. I felt like a walking ashtray on the bus heading home.

But I had fun :D We played sixteen “circles” (or rounds I guess) but we had quite a few “falling dealers” so in actual fact it was quite a bit more. Looking forward to next time already! Yay!

Better Back Therapy.

I love Kickstarter. It’s introduced me to so many awesome things – such as Peak Design (I recently did a survey from them and realised I have way too many PD things hahaha), the goat mug (which was a present, actually), my grown up watch (which I don’t wear often enough but still, I now have a grown up watch haha), and today I received my Better Back Therapy pack :D

I don’t remember how I came across Better Back, I just immediately wanted to know more because I have such a bad back (and have had such a bad back for so many years). The concept is simple enough – it supports your lower back and holds you such that you sit up straight and stop hunching over – so it’s pretty awesome. It’s a bit bigger than I thought it would be, but hey, it’s made for Americans I suppose (only in America do I wear a size S…)

In any case, really looking forward to testing it out. It’s harder at home since I sit on a bar stool most of the day and it works best when one’s feet are placed flat on the floor, but in all likelihood I’ll be sitting at a desk all day tomorrow so maybe it will be best tested out then! Yay!

Lettering: small letters!

On the letter l today. Well. Actually. I did h i j k & I’m now on l. Yesterday I did c d e f g. It’s the pens, I blame the pens. I finally got the Tombow Fudenosuke Hard Tips… and boy oh boy, they are incredible to write with! (But yes, because I had to get them shipped over all the way from the US of A… the price… of shipping…  *stabs self in the heart*)

Anyway. I’m kinda glad that I did the drills on the softer tips (Tombow Fudenosuke dual tips, and the Pentel Touch sign pens) because it really made a difference. Although the very weird thing with the current lettering situation is that I seem to be doing okay with the ones that are supposedly average/difficult but not doing so well with the ones that are supposedly easy (letters i & l) *eyes roll* But well. I’m just going to whiz through the whole alphabet (and the alternatives when there are alternatives), and then go back to the ones that were yucky. And maybe I’ll have made some progress. Maybe.

Okay. Back to the lettering :D

Dunkin’ Donuts.

After a year of not going to Singapore, I landed last week and instead of going straight down to immigration, I turned right and then right again, because I knew there was a Dunkin’ Donuts there :D It wasn’t open the last time I was there – the hoarding was up, it wasn’t done yet.

Anyway, yesterday as I was heading back to the plane to return to HK, I picked up a half dozen strawberry-filled… and I’ve just finished the last one. Sigh.

Someday, someday we might get a Dunkin’ Donuts in HK… A girl can dream.

Love Actually – the sequel.

Omgoodness this gave me ALL the feels :D

I managed to find a very bad quality version on dailymotion or dailyvideo or one of those sites via a link on social media. I really hope we get a better quality version somewhere that won’t be taken down as soon as it’s posted…

Okay. Before I go on. Know that there are spoilers ahead. Like. Major. I’m going to be talking about this. Properly. If you don’t want to know who came back for it so it’s a nice surprise (as it was for me) then don’t read on!!!

[spoiler alert]

[Spoiler Alert]


[okay I guess that’s enough notice….]

First of all, I’m not sure Keira Knightley and Chiwetel Ejiofor have aged. At all. And then the doorbell goes and it’s Rick (from The Walking Dead) back in his original role as Peter, which made me laugh. And while the cards got a bit old, the end of the bit was a huge surprise as Kate Moss walked into frame :D And it made me happy that Peter got his happy ending… Ahhh.

And then Colin Firth and Portuguese wife and three kids! Three! So cute!

And Billy Mack, talking to the same radio DJ at Radio Watford bwahaha… but then the bombshell that his manager had died sent me into an immediate google search. Thank goodness Gregor Fisher is still with us…. I was actually shocked for a minute.

Then Rowan Atkinson, still the world’s slowest gift wrapper :D

And then the second cutest couple – Hugh Grant and Martine McCutcheon <3 still so darned awesome. I’m really impressed that they convinced Hugh Grant to dance again, considering he was apparently extremely reluctant the first time round… Haha.

Onto my favouritest couple – Sam and Joanna – also known as the incredible Thomas Sangster & Olivia Olson. I didn’t know Joanna would be back. I was THRILLED to see her. It gave me all the feels! And the cheeky teasing banter from Liam Neeson is still perfect, even though his son is all grown up!! Wish Claudia Schiffer had done another cameo, but I suppose it was so perfect the first time round, no point…

But. No Laura Linney… I really wanted to know how her life panned out. She was the one who really deserved a happy ending but didn’t get it in the movie. No Colin Frissell (the one who went to America) (I’m hoping he is still living the good life and bringing the chicks back for his good friend Tony!)… No Martin Freeman / Joanna Page (although I assume these two are living happily ever after) … And no Alan Rickman / Emma Thompson. This last couple, we all know why – the great Alan Rickman passed away early last year – but it would have been nice to see Emma Thompson and the kids, but yeah, it had been reported earlier that she would have been too sad to do it without him.

In a way, I kinda wish this was a proper sequel… Not just a 15 minute thing for charity. But you know what, I’m so glad that we got even a short little glimpse into all of their lives again.

Love. Love. Love.