Watched almost the entire season tonight. It’s awesome!! I love Harvey Specter’s secretary!!!! She’s amazing! These characters are so much fun! Ahhhh I love it!!

In other news, I was stranded at my friend’s place tonight because of the T8. First T8 of the year… it was pretty impressive while it lasted, but because it was so impressive (ie. really strong winds) it was over in a couple of hours. Haha.

But back to Suits!! I hope my sister has watched it. I NEED to talk to someone about it hahaha!!!



For some odd reason, I really want to be there right now. And not just a quickie trip like the last time (which was 11 whole years ago), but actually to be there, to enjoy it, to savour it, to eat everything, to smell the coffee and croissants, to not have to worry about the money thing…

I love my life. I just wish I could travel more. And for the first time, weirdly, I wish there was someone to travel with.

It must be age.

Moving out

I remember when Eric and I first stopped living together. Eric was the bestest flattie I could ever have, so much so that I cannot imagine living with anyone else haha! Anyway, after living together for five years, we moved out – he was going to Canada, and I was drifting along – and it seriously felt like a divorce. So earlier this year, when he moved out again (he moved back in after he graduated from school in Toronto), I was quite numb. I think he affected him more, he seemed a little upset, but I can’t imagine why haha.

Anyway. Today, I helped a friend move out. In the lift, after going up and down several times, I said to him, This feels like a divorce… and he smiled a sad smile, and agreed.