Really hate it when you’ve been looking forward to something so much, and then when you open your eyes, you realise that the sun is lower than it should be and you reach over to pick up your phone to look at the time, and it’s 38 minutes past the beginning of service.


And then then you think, well, by the time you dressed and head out and arrive, it’ll be at least 17:15.

Which is an hour and fifteen minutes after the beginning of service and about twenty minutes from the end.


And in case you were wondering, I slept through four alarms. Yup.



I’ve had a headache for three days already. It ranges from being annoying to humungously headsplitting… but I can deal with annoying, although it is annoying. I think the reason for the headache is the lack of caffeine (going from drinking 4-5 cups of a tea a day to zero) but I’ve been reading up on caffeine withdrawal and it’s only supposed to last a couple of days but it doesn’t seem like it’s going away… RAH. I suppose I’ll give it a few more days. Not like I have a choice anyway. And no one can tell, unless I tell them. And anyway, there’s always Advil. Although I only took one on the first day and none since… Hmmm.

Dust dust everywhere

Drilling schmilling. Drilling through the wall to get to the pipes that have burst, that is causing all that water to run down to ground level. Dust everywhere. Taking cold showers is nothing compared to not having a place to shower *sigh* I have a gym membership (ie. I could potentially shower at the gym) but considering the fact that I get off work at 3am usually, that’s not very helpful.

Thank God I have an amazing sister who doesn’t sleep too early. And a wonderful boss who will let me go home before he does so that he doesn’t have a smelly employee at work hahaha…

Can’t wait until this thing is bloody fixed…

Scaffolding schmaffolding

Ah FML. So I’ve been taking cold showers since my Beijing trip because there was water spraying out of the pipe coming out of the wall going up to the hot water boiler. And then I was told that the water dripping down to street level was coming from the pipe of my flat. Which means I’m screwed for water bill next month *sigh* God help me.

So anyway. I now have scaffolding outside my house *sigh* Bah.

Improvement work in progress.

Grace (n.) – favour or goodwill / a manifestation of favour, especially by a superior / mercy; clemency; pardon

This morning I lost it at a cab driver, who didn’t know how to work the meter machine and instead of printing me a receipt, he managed to reset the damn machine and hence my hopes to claim back the amount of money from my employers went down the drain.

I was cold, bitchy and extremely unforgiving.

And as I climbed up the stairs to get to the office, it occurred to me that I had zero grace. Zero. Which is not on, not from someone like me, who depends on grace to get through the day, every day. And not even grace from God, which is ever abounding, but the amount of grace my boss shows me is quite incomprehensible sometimes. Like this morning when he called me at 11:53 and woke me up. I was supposed to be at the studio by noon. Yeah.

So as I climbed up the stairs to get to the office, these thoughts were going round and round in my head…

And I, once again, realised how much I suck at this thing called life. Bah.

Story of my life.