SHA: Hongqiao Airport.

Maybe I should start blogging about airports. Haha. Yes okay I know I’m weird.

Anyway. So I often leave Shanghai on the single Dragonair flight that leaves Hongqiao Airport at lunch time daily. It’s usually one of the large planes (although also usually one of the older planes), and though the airport is old and had nothing in it, it was a pretty punctual flight (unlike at Pudong), and since there are less flights coming into and out of this airport, there are also less people, which makes passport control, security checks etc faster.

As of the end of March, however, the Cathay Dragon (formerly Dragonair… sigh) check in counters moved from Terminal 1 to Terminal 1A. Essentially, it just moved from one side of the building to the other. But after checking in (still paper boarding passes, no mobile boarding passes yet), going through passport control and security checks, you walk into a newly revamped area, with lots of USB plugs and (China) plugs, and even a Wagas cafe! I was so happy to get my juice fix (spinach, kale, avocado, pear, apple) and a croissant, as I hadn’t had lunch yet. And then – I know this might be a bit weird – before boarding, I went to the ladies, and while there were only five cubicles, each one was incredibly traveller friendly – there was extra space to wheel in your carry on luggage, a hook for tote or handbag (or backpack), a little tray thing for your phone, and there was a flat top behind the toilet to place any shopping you’d done. That’s a winning toilet :D

So yes. The old airport in the city is now my preferred airport in Shanghai haha. Can’t wait to go back to that amazing city soon!!


Right. It’s 2017. It’s been about two years since I last updated this blog, and let’s just say it’s been a damn interesting two years, where it seems like nothing has changed but also so much has changed. I suppose that’s the story of everyone’s life.

I’m resuscitating the blog because I was recently introduced to Netflix. Yes, Netflix has been around for a while – thanks to the old flattie (who made me watch The Walking Dead), and who also watched Archer with me, on Netflix via VPN – and it’s even been available locally in HK for a while, but it’s been a very recent addition to my life. It’s a good thing. It’s damn addictive. The programming is pretty spectacular, even though it doesn’t have Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or Firefly.

So this is it. We’re going back to writing about the books and movies and TV shows and documentaries that I watch. We’ll see how long I get before I am drowning in work again. For the moment though, it seems like my calendar is completely empty which is freaky as hell. But well. We’ll see :)

Year of the Horse!

Yay!!! Auspicious start to the year by being in Singapore with great company and awesome food. Rang in the year with drinks at anti:dote then Spize for prata (yay!!!) and then Boost juice for breakfast, chicken rice for lunch, movie, seafood dinner (with my favourite sweet and sour pork in the world) – awesomeness.

Back at home now – it was an empty flight as well, so we all lay out over several seats and watched movies on the nice new screens. Good times :D

Gonna have to backpost the movies that I’ve seen over the past month, that will be fun.

Happy new year!

Last day.

It’s so weird to think that my life is totally changing as of today. All that stability and stuff. All gone. Hahaha. And while I’m ecstatic to go back into freelancing, I’m also quite terrified of the possibility of ending up like three years ago – fucking broke and jobless. But we shall see…

I’m gonna miss my boss.
C’est la vie…


I now look like I’m wearing a helmet on my head. I love it haha!!! I’m a little worried that my hairstylist will get promoted very soon (because he’s amazing) — if he does I’m probably not going to be able to afford getting my hair cut by him… But I suppose I’ll just enjoy it while I can. No point thinking about that which I cannot change! Yay for haircuts!

Moving out

I remember when Eric and I first stopped living together. Eric was the bestest flattie I could ever have, so much so that I cannot imagine living with anyone else haha! Anyway, after living together for five years, we moved out – he was going to Canada, and I was drifting along – and it seriously felt like a divorce. So earlier this year, when he moved out again (he moved back in after he graduated from school in Toronto), I was quite numb. I think he affected him more, he seemed a little upset, but I can’t imagine why haha.

Anyway. Today, I helped a friend move out. In the lift, after going up and down several times, I said to him, This feels like a divorce… and he smiled a sad smile, and agreed.