The Walking Dead – season one.

So yeah, I watched the first episode of the third season back in February 2013. And it wasn’t my cup of tea, and that was that.

My flatmate – who is here for the month – told me that he caught up with all the Walking Dead episodes, starting from the first episode of the first season, in a month, and that he needed to initiate me because he wanted someone to talk to about it.

I just finished the first season in a day. It was just 6 episodes, nothing too serious, really. Not like a no-sleeping marathon, as has happened in the past with other things. But (And?) now, I am dying to see what happens next. Sigh. I never thought I’d like this series. I was always more for the cold ones (Buffy ruled my world) than the walkers.

But… let’s just say Frank Darabont rules my world.

(Current mantra: sleep now, watch tomorrow, sleep now, watching tomorrow…)


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  1. […] introduced to Netflix. Yes, Netflix has been around for a while – thanks to the old flattie (who made me watch The Walking Dead), and who also watched Archer with me, on Netflix via VPN – and it’s even been […]


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