SHA: Hongqiao Airport.

Maybe I should start blogging about airports. Haha. Yes okay I know I’m weird.

Anyway. So I often leave Shanghai on the single Dragonair flight that leaves Hongqiao Airport at lunch time daily. It’s usually one of the large planes (although also usually one of the older planes), and though the airport is old and had nothing in it, it was a pretty punctual flight (unlike at Pudong), and since there are less flights coming into and out of this airport, there are also less people, which makes passport control, security checks etc faster.

As of the end of March, however, the Cathay Dragon (formerly Dragonair… sigh) check in counters moved from Terminal 1 to Terminal 1A. Essentially, it just moved from one side of the building to the other. But after checking in (still paper boarding passes, no mobile boarding passes yet), going through passport control and security checks, you walk into a newly revamped area, with lots of USB plugs and (China) plugs, and even a Wagas cafe! I was so happy to get my juice fix (spinach, kale, avocado, pear, apple) and a croissant, as I hadn’t had lunch yet. And then – I know this might be a bit weird – before boarding, I went to the ladies, and while there were only five cubicles, each one was incredibly traveller friendly – there was extra space to wheel in your carry on luggage, a hook for tote or handbag (or backpack), a little tray thing for your phone, and there was a flat top behind the toilet to place any shopping you’d done. That’s a winning toilet :D

So yes. The old airport in the city is now my preferred airport in Shanghai haha. Can’t wait to go back to that amazing city soon!!


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