Whence He Came farewell…

So yesterday was the reunion and today was the farewell. Haha. The boys were quite adamant that this would be the last ever WHC show, and while it is good to stop and move on, it’s a little sad for us folks who realise that it really is time to grow up now. Oh well. I’m just blessed that I got to see them twice. Thank you, Joshua.

In other news, there were so many old faces at the gig tonight. So. Many. Old. Faces. People who used to come to The Vine. People who I used to see regularly. People who’ve grown up now, and have moved on. So the cliche is right, music really does bring people together. It was interesting, and a little sad at the same time, but the brief moments of shared joy were awesome.

Goodbye WHC. 1999-2012.

Whence He Came.


Yay! I’m all caught up!! It’s so good. I can’t stop talking about it. Hahaha!!

In other news, I also watched rewatched Hercules today. I remember not liking the film very much (I watched it at the cinema, UA Shatin, if I’m not mistaken, back in 1997…) (Well, The Lion King came before Hercules, and seriously, I mean… how can you even put the two in the same sentence…) but it’s really not that bad. And the guy who plays Hades (James Woods) – his manner of speaking (though not his voice) is exactly the same as Billy Crystal. It’s so bizarre!!

And I also watched God Bless America. Which is so darkly funny… omgosh. I wonder if anyone can write something like this about Hong Kong. I wonder…

I’m glad I watched some interesting films. It’s been too long. (No $$ & no TV means I keep rewatching old films, it’s good to finally have some new material in my head!!)

Voiceover madness

Travelled all the way to TVB today to do dubbing work. No, I wasn’t the voice talent, sadly. I wonder if I will ever get a chance to do that kind of work. Hmm. Anyway, I was there as the writer, which was interesting. It’s been really interesting working for TV because I have no prior knowledge of how it works… I’m liking it. Definitely praying for more such work!!