I know your face…

Yesterday, at the post-concert celebrations, a little reporter came up to me, and said, “I know you.” (In Cantonese, of course). I was about to spoon some sweet beancurd dessert into a bowl, and stopped short and stared at her. Looked somewhat familiar, but couldn’t place her face. Anyway. She went on to say that I was my sister’s older sister. To make things even more confusing, she used my sister’s Chinese name, which makes me laugh out loud now, but I mean, no one uses my sis’ Chinese name very much anymore. Haha. I seriously had no clue who she was. And she seemed really upset that I had no clue who she was. Hmmm.

Today at work, there was a freelance journalist lady who came up to me to thank me for doing something (it’s part of my job, she didn’t need to do that at all), and as I looked up at her (I was sitting, writing) she said, “Your have a very familiar face.” (It sounds better in Cantonese). And since she was a reporter person, I decided that it might have something to do with my sister, so I said, “My sis is a reporter, maybe you’re thinking of her!” But she ignored me, and went on and asked, “Are you Dora?” And I said, “Um.. no…” and then added that my sis’ name is kind of similar-ish… And then it hit her. She knew exactly who my sister is, and where they had met and when they had partied together.

My sis gets it a lot too. The “I know your face” thing, from people who know me. I’d understand it if we looked alike, but we really don’t you know… Hahahahhahaha… Madness.