Once every four years…

Yay! It’s Renee’s birthday today!!

In other news, I read the saddest article about Hong Kong today. I have friends who are extremely active on the political scene. They go to demonstrations, they work behind the scenes for certain democratic groups, they use social media to bombard all of their friends with their views on Hong Kong and China… A long time ago – we’ve been friends for a very long time – they used to ask me to go with them to the rallies and demonstrations, and when I declined, they tried to talk me into it, but I was quite firm about not doing it, so they just took me as apathetic. I don’t think I’m as apathetic as they think.

The thing is… the things that matter to me, no one talks about. Most of the political hoo-haa is about democracy (or the lack of), and about how the government is pro-big-corporations (I have no clue what the “proper” term for this is, I’m sure there is one), blah blah. Those things matter, but they aren’t close to my heart enough that I would go out and fight for it. Education and wealth gap. Those are things that are close to my heart. And no one talks about it. Wealth gap, yes, in passing, only because it’s part of the pro-big-corp-govt thing, but not enough that anything is done about anything.

Anyway. I read this in Time Out Hong Kong today. It’s so accurate. And it’s so sad. I’m not one of those who has to count pennies – I’m not rich, I am financially challenged and in the red, but I’m very blessed – but I’ve been to the poor areas, I’ve seen how they have to live, I’ve seen the repercussions on the children, I’ve seen how it’s a damn vicious cycle.

So here’s the article: Why Tycoons Take All Your Money: How we have unwittingly helped make five men multi-billionaires. It’s required reading for anyone and everyone who lives in, or gives a shit about, Hong Kong.

Good food + good friends

Met up with Jess today, who flew in to Macau from Singapore and came to HK for the day. We went shopping (CDs which she gave to me to get signed for her…) and then we went to Linguini Fini for dinner. I actually went to LF the night before already, but there is so much good food on that menu, I’m happy to go every night!! So we shared some mussels, and shared some pasta and shared some steak. Dang, that was a good steak. And then we shared some gelato (one honey and one caramel) and I had about four apple gingers which are these amazingly yummy drinks… Phwoar. Best night. Yup.


Watched Hanjin Tan in concert tonight. It was work – went with Boss – but it was fun because Hanjin is extremely talented and it was interesting to see how he would go with his music. He had a small band – band leader on keys (who also sang chorus and played the flute), guitar, bass (who also played guitar), drums, percussion (who also sang chorus), a sax player who also played keys, did the programs and played the flute, and a violinist who came on stage only once or twice. He also had a jazz trio play with him – pianist, bassist (electric and double bass), and same percussionist. Hanjin himself would switch between guitars for different songs and do little dances and hop around the stage, seemingly enjoying himself very much.

The crowd, however, weren’t as great as I’d hoped or expected. But what can one do. This is Hong Kong, where people prefer the spectacle (which can be paid for) over the talent (which cannot).

And randomly, I was given a seat (I was told there would be no seats for me) for which I was very thankful, and I was placed in the reporters’ area (everyone there had notebooks and cameras out). And funnily enough, the guy sitting next to me was actually a friend… hahaha. Small world!!

Ahhh music. Going back on tour this coming week… Looking forward to more good shows with Boss. Even though if Boss didn’t have shows, I’d be headed down to the Java Jazz Festival… Bah.

Ticketing madness

After the furore the past week in which my entire facebook feed was either about Jeremy Lin or Henry Tang, today, most of my facebook newsfeed was about the crashing of ticketing sites because of Lady Gaga and the Hong Kong International Film Festival. Hahaha.

Apparently, there are gonna be some great films at the HKIFF this year. I’ve missed so many years of great films because of my unknown schedule… Guess it’s just gonna be the same this year too. Haha.

In other news… I wonder when we are going to know whether or not Radiohead comes to Hong Kong…

I thought my native tongue was English

In random news, several friends are in town from NYC and we all met up for dinner and drinks and laughs at a beautiful apartment in Pokfulam. All them creative types… makes me feel so small and incompetent haha.

It was strange to speak English all night, so as I was going home I called me sis, who didn’t pick up. She later texted to ask me whatup so I told her, I needed to speak some Canto… and that this was the reason why I can’t date a gweilo. (Randomly, in light of this whole JLin “Chink in the Armor” furor, is gweilo a derogative term? Am I not supposed to use it…?) (But I digress…) My sis laughed at me, and let me call her so I could speak some Chinese for two minutes (she was already in bed and in no mood to entertain me at all haha).

And you know what? Most of what I said to her was actually in English. To the point where she was like, “Errr… aren’t you calling me because you want to speak CHINESE??”