One Love Manchester.

In light of all the fucking awful shit that’s been happening all over the world, it’s good to see some solidarity and love shine through the cracks… And in the name of charity and in the name of love, a shit tonne of really famous people put their differences (and sometimes their bands!) aside to come together to put on a fantastic show in Manchester.

The show started with Marcus Mumford (except… I missed that part, had to rewatch it on YouTube, oops), and then Take That took over the stage and led the crowd in song. Take That, my beloved boy band, who had had to cancel their three Manchester shows in light of the attack. Take That then introduced their brother in arms, Robbie Williams (wearing a Justin Bieber hoodie!!), after Robbie was a clip of U2, and then it just went on, all these amazing people coming together.

It’s funny that to me, the highlight of the show was Coldplay. I’d never been a Coldplay fan until earlier this year when I saw them live in Singapore. But Coldplay managed to take a sombre crowd and turn it up a notch and got everyone singing and dancing, the rainbow confetti, it was just… a party. Not to mention the fact that they opened with Don’t Look Back in Anger, which was just incredibly fitting.

Huge respect to Ariana Grande, Scooter Braun, and the many, many, many people it took to pull something like this off. Big love to Facebook for streaming it live for people like me as I was in a city where it wasn’t broadcast live…

Simple awesome <3

Old friends

Hung out with my old BFF from uni… It was so good to sit and chill and catch up, and in the process, we found ourselves getting excited over a potential script story haha. The best thing about hanging with him is that we have the same sense of humour and he’s so terribly sweet and kind and generous, not to mention incredibly good-looking. Haha.

I owe so much of my sanity to him – I don’t think I would have survived HKU otherwise. He put me up in his flat, dealt with my mess, dealt with my insanity, just dealt with it all. AND he’s the only other person in all my circles who knows Julien. Julien, who I fell in love with. Julien, who we agreed would be his if he were gay, and mine if he were straight. Lucky me, he turned out to be straight. Haha.

Anyway. Growing up means growing apart, kind of, so we really don’t see each other as much as we used to. But every time we get to hang out, I feel like a part of me that’s been buried deep down inside resurfaces… I love it. God bless him.


So last night, I had the weirdest conversation ever. It wasn’t exactly weird, but well, it was pretty crazy, what happened. Coincidence. Chance encounter. Whatever you want to call it. I’m pretty damn sure it was God.

Twelve hours later, I am still gobsmacked.

The Lord works in mysterious and mighty ways. Haha.


Finally, a breather. Not really, because I have freelance work (oops haha) but yes, a breather. Caught up with two good friends – separately – who, both of them, thankfully for me, don’t have set work schedules so spur-of-the-moment hanging out is do-able. Yup.

In other news, it’s T8 right now. Typhoon Kai-Tak. I’m pretty sure it’ll have blown out by the morning… so typical haha.