Frantzén’s Kitchen.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a new restaurant, it’s also been a while since I’ve been anywhere that’s fine dining in Hong Kong (even though they say that the restaurant has a “casual and relaxed environment” haha), and this one was as good as I had hoped.

Frantzén’s Kitchen opened late 2016 in Hong Kong in Sheung Wan, and since my birthday is end of the year, q and I decided to go then, except I ended up in Shanghai for three weeks in December, and by the time I got back, the earliest reservation for the darned restaurant was two weeks away. So we kinda gave up, until her birthday rolled around in February, and we decided to try again except now the earliest reservation was a month away… and both of us were flying out during that time… so we gave up again. And then a few days ago, she texted and said, “oh hey, I got a reservation on Tuesday” and I was like “Frantzén’s?!”

All of that set up is to explain how high our expectations were for the food. And can I just say, most of it was really as good as if not better than expected. She chose a great wine (Riesling) (which I took only one sip because I can’t drink, but damn it was good), and then we each chose a “snack”, and then two “dishes”. The snack is a bite-sized appetiser – it’s bite-sized, which means we couldn’t share it. It was so good that we were like okay um, we need another ahahaha. So we had two snacks each (the oyster thing which was… interesting but couldn’t taste the oyster at all, and the nordic sushi, which was amazeballs), then we had two dishes (which are like small mains) – she had the asparagus and the fish, I had the dairy tartare and the veal cheeks. And then we shared a pork belly, just because we had to. And then we ordered all the desserts on the menu (there were only three – two ice creams and a plate of cookies). Hahaha.

She later told me that because the asparagus and the fish were both creamy, it was a bit much, which I hadn’t thought about at all. I thought the asparagus was similar to other asparagus dishes I’ve had, but that the fish dish was great. I really enjoyed both the dishes I ordered, and the pork belly was super tender and juicy and the top perfectly crispy. So my top three are the tartare, the sushi, and the fish. Her top three are the sushi, the asparagus and the tartare.

When we ordered the desserts, I also ordered some tea – they only have Chinese teas (except for one lavender infusion, but I’m not a big lavender fan) which was very interesting actually, so I had the iron buddha, which was the perfect ending drink for me. And I asked the sommelier (who has the cutest moustache) to recommend something for q, and he recommended a really delicious sparkling, which was light and fruity and not too sweet. Perfection.

So in conclusion, I can’t wait to go back :D Just a side note though – it was 1000 HKD per head. Yeah. And that was with a couple of comps too… But yeah, totally worth it. Really awesome dinner. Yay!

Dinner party!

A long time ago – a few years ago – I had friends in HK who would host dinner parties, and invite a few friends over (max 6) and we’d all have great food and great conversations and they were some of the best times I’ve ever had in HK. Sadly, those days are gone. Said friends have moved to New York, and have tried to get me to go too. It’s not happening haha.

Anyway. Tonight I had a great dinner, with five people who I’d never met before. In actual fact, I crashed the party – it was a dinner for six, but I made it seven. But I’m so grateful that everyone there was so welcoming and the most amazing thing, was that I clicked with them. These people I’d never met before. There was banter and then there were real conversations, too. It’s so rare, I don’t think I’ve been in a setting like that in ages. And it made me miss my friends in New York so very much.

Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be seeing these people again. Not in the near future anyway. But it was good to meet them, to know that I don’t always suck in social settings… Sigh. It was a fabulous dinner indeed.

Peking duck!!!

SO YUMMYYYY!!! Thank you Sofia for being so willing to have duck with me!!!!

I fell on the ice though. Huge bruise on left thigh… and maybe a strained hamstring. But at least my knee (which I was worried I’d sprained) is okay-ish. Rah. And there I was thinking my Doc Marts would have the best grip *eyes roll* Should’ve just worn high heels since NONE OF THE WOMEN AROUND ME IN SIX INCH HEELS FELL. RAH!!!!!

NY Bagel

The last time I was here was in December 2007. It was the first time I learnt about the Baha’i faith, and it was the first time I’d had a serious-ish conversation with K. We sat in NY Bagel chatting for hours… such a long time ago.

This time, I sat in NY Bagel chatting for hours with q. We talked about everything – life, love, films, dreams, procrastination… It was great. I love hanging with her – we really do make great friends. I’m so glad our past is past, and I’m so glad we are still friends.

It’s strange how a place like NYB can’t survive in HK (I’m thinking Flying Pan, but it’s no where near as awesome as NYB). Oh well. I guess it just makes me look forward to my next trip to Taipei. Yup.

NYB coffee mugs

NYB coffee mugs


It’s been open for a while, but I haven’t had a chance to go and try. But today I did. The cakes are not as good as they were before (or so it seems) but the pastas and the food is good. I like. I really like these places where I can sit for hours and chat and no one will bother me. And it’s good to see familiar faces too – haven’t seen the staff in ages, and now they’re all back. I love it.