Home sweet home.

This evening, I was asleep when we landed, but felt the plane go up and down a little as we hit the runway. I watched Rush, which was amazing, and now I have to go find the DVD because this is a movie that I will watch over and over again. I love the F1.

As I pushed my heavy trolley towards the train, I saw the number of children waiting, and decided I couldn’t do it… so I pushed the trolley down to the taxi stand. As I left the airport building to go outside towards the taxis, I braced myself for the whoosh of hot humid air that I remember vividly, but instead was met with a cool whoosh instead. My immediate thought was, How on earth do they get the aircon working so well outside… It took me about five seconds to realise that the cool air was actually winter, and not aircon.

Anyway. After 10 months away, I am finally home. Properly home. I’m heading out again in ten days, but that’s a short break. I am home. It’s so good to be home.