The Transporter Refueled.

Okay. I mean. Sigh. Okay.

There’s a part of me that just wants to wring Hollywood’s neck. There’s a part of me that wants to smack all those damn studio heads and ask why the HELL are we being put through sequels and reboots and just non-original shit all the time these past few years. I mean seriously.

The story is ridiculous. It’s worse than the three Jason Statham ones. Sigh. The lead guy is… I don’t know. I wish he didn’t have to portray Frank Martin, which is the same character that Statham played. Why couldn’t he have been a different character? He nailed the tone of voice… but then it was weird because it sounded kinda like Statham but it wasn’t Statham. Sigh. Anyway.

The action however, is fantastic. In the originals, Cory Yuen choreographed excellent excellent scenes for Jason Statham, and this was very different, which was great because I could enjoy it without feeling like something was missing.

Anyway. I watched it. I finished it. I liked the action. That’s about it…. yup.


So… this is one of those films that nobody in my social circle liked, but which I quite enjoyed back in the day. But watching it today, I was like… wow. Yeah. It really wasn’t that great. Kinda like So Close

Anyway. Paycheck was directed by John Woo, starring Ben Affleck and Uma Thurman, and is based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. I really want to read the short story. The story is great, the film’s execution is… a bit off. I don’t know. I can’t pinpoint what is wrong with it.

But the most interesting thing for me, is that when rewatching this film, I FINALLY realised where I know Rowan (Olivia Pope’s dad) from!! From Paycheck!!!!!

Anyhoo. I still love action films, and this is sort of an action film, and the premise is great… I just wish I liked it now as much as I did before… Maybe sometimes rewatching films isn’t such a great idea…

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit.

I don’t remember if I’ve already posted about this film… but I will say that I don’t understand all the bad press. I loved it!

Chris Pine as Jack Ryan was pretty awesome. It was interesting to see Keira Knightley in it – there are so many American actresses, why hire a Brit to play an American? But her accent was pretty good and she was a good fit. Kenneth Branagh playing a Russian, that was interesting. He was flawless, as he always is, and then I was surprised to find out he was the director as well. Interesting.

So essentially, I really enjoyed this film. I loved the story, loved the action, the pacing is great, and it’s just an all-round fun action movie. So yeah. I wish it had done better because I would have liked to see a sequel… But hey. I also really wish there could be a RED3… so it is what it is…

Mr. & Mrs. Smith.

Yeah okay. So when this film came out, I remember the hype. And it wasn’t that I didn’t think they were both hot, but… maybe I had been expecting too much because I didn’t really think it was that good.

But well, I re-watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith today, and… while it’s still not amazing, it’s not as bad as I remember either. And only because of the performances of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. The story is still kinda lame. I mean, it’s one we’ve heard over and over again, but yeah.

I can’t think of any Doug Liman films I really liked. I guess The Bourne Identity…. Hm. I should re-watch the Bournes. Hm. I wonder if they are on Netflix… ahhahaha…

Star Trek: Into Darkness.

I remember, when I watched it at the cinema, that I thought it wasn’t quite as good as the first one (sequels never are as good… actually that’s not true. Empire Strikes Back is better. Aliens is probably better (sorry Ridley Scott). The Dark Knight is probably better – although I loved loved loved Batman Begins. Captain America: Winter Solider is infinitely better… Yeah anyway. I digress.) But re-watching it (thanks Netflix!) I actually really, really enjoyed it. It’s not clunky and overly complex – although perhaps I only think this way because it’s my second viewing, so I already have the basic gist in my brain…

So Into Darkness is just as exciting as the original (by original I mean the 2009 JJ Abrams version haha), and the script and dialogue just as punchy as well. The best thing is that the full cast came back from the first one (Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, John Cho, Anton Yelchin, Karl Urban, Simon Pegg, Bruce Greenwood… even Leonard Nimoy came back for a cameo!) and Alice Eve and Benedict Cumberbatch are pretty awesome additions as well.

Anyhow. I’m hoping the new one (Star Trek Beyond) comes to Netflix soon… I am really looking forward to rewatching that one too :D

And in case you were wondering… yes I like Star Trek more than Star Wars, always have. Just sayin’. And here is one of my favourite DVD extras things from the set of Into Darkness:

So Close.

Also known as 夕陽天使, directed by the wonderful Cory Yuen (wikipedia spells his name wrong *evil eye*), and starring the beautiful Shu Qi, Karen Mok and Vicky Zhao.

When So Close came out in 2002, I loved it. Cory has a magic wand when it comes to shooting girls in action films – he makes them looks so freaking hot! I remember thinking the storyline was a bit lame, but the sister relationship between Lynn (Shu Qi) and Sue (Vicky Zhao) was damn touching, and Karen Mok is awesome in pretty much anything. Watching the film now, 15 years later, the storyline is actually hella lame, and the dialogue is pretty bad (although both Shu & Zhao are dubbed into Cantonese so maybe it wouldn’t sound so bad in Mando?! I don’t even remember what language I watched it in all those years ago hahaha) but the girls are still hot and the action is still fun.

So yeah. I guess this is one of those films that really don’t hold up well… but hey. It wasn’t so bad that I wanted to stop watching it (do you see how low the bar has gotten now because of that damned idiotic Cameron Crowe film!!! Bah!!!!!!)

I miss working with Cory. Hope he is well :)

Knight and Day.

So I watched this because I just dissed it a couple of posts ago, and I felt like I didn’t remember it enough to make an accurate assessment…

But I was right. It wasn’t spectacularly awful (I mean come on, I just watched Aloha… ugh) but… I wouldn’t count it among the good ones in the many, many films Tom Cruise has made in the past 12 years (such as Collateral, Tropic Thunder, Edge of Tomorrow, Jack Reacher, the Mission Impossibles… I feel like I’m repeating myself haha).

Anyway. Cameron Diaz is playing the usual Cameron Diaz role – a little ditzy but hella kick ass when she has to be – and TC is playing the usual TC role – army trained, majorly kick ass, good heart… The story is formulaic maybe only because I read too many crime thrillers, but the jokes are funny, and the action is pretty fun too.

So… not awful, but not amazing either. Maybe a good movie to put on in the background while I continue to practice my letters… Haha.

RED 2.

Bruce Willis, Dame Helen Mirren, Mary-Louise Parker, John Malkovich… what could possibly go wrong with a movie starring these four people? Add Sir Anthony Hopkins into the mix, along with Catherine Zeta-Jones, and it’s almost like The Expendables. (Which I think Netflix needs to get into its library. Just saying.)

RED 2 is not quite what the the first one was, but that could be because expectations were so high for the sequel. Also because Karl Urban and Morgan Freeman rocked in the first one. But it’s still a fun ride throughout, and Sir Anthony totally stole the show – a film is only as good as the villain, and this villain is awesome!

I’m guessing chances of getting a RED 3 are low, but here’s to hoping…. :)

Jack Reacher.

Ever since Collateral, I’ve really enjoyed Tom Cruise films (except for maybe Knight and Day which to be honest, I don’t even really remember) – all the Mission Impossibles, Edge of Tomorrow (which warrants its own post after a re-watch)… And this particular film, about former army police Jack Reacher, is one of the most fun.

On the one hand, I could be biased because I love crime thrillers, and this is based on a Lee Child book – Lee Child being one of the world’s best crime thriller writers. But on the other, who gives a shit because a good, entertaining, fun film is just a good, entertaining, fun film :)

It delivers on the action, the story is great, the cast are stellar, and the pacing is fantastic. And you know it’s a plus when the writer and director, Christopher McQuarrie, then goes on to direct two Mission Impossible films (including the one currently being filmed) (and he wrote Edge of Tomorrow as well). That’s high Tom Cruise praise if you ask me.

So much fun. I love action films :D


Did I mention that I love action films? I also love Bruce Willis <3 It’s a love affair that’s been going on for years. I mean… Die Hard, Die Hard 2, Die Hard 3… Even 4.0 was okay…. But anyway. RED – Retired Extremely Dangerous – was definitely in my top ten best films that year it came out… And rewatching it on Netflix, it still holds up – the action is still good, and it still makes me laugh :D I heart Mary-Louise Parker. Like so much. She is one cool cat. Made me happy :D Yay!