Love… and breakups.

Drinks with an old friend today, and found out she and her husband are getting divorced… I know them both, and to me, it’s just sad. I know they got married because they got pregnant, but I don’t know. It’s sad. Love solves all problems until selfishness pushes through. And then love can’t solve anything, because love for the self comes first. Rah.

It’s sad. But there’s nothing I can do about anything. Except be there.



I hate it when you love a team or an association or a club (or even your church), but there are people within who tear your heart up and you lose respect for them…

*sigh* I can think of several examples, but right now the one that stands out is Liverpool’s Suarez. He may be a damn good player, an excellent footballer, but sheesh man. He has no respect for other players (on the opposing teams). And that is about as unsportsmanlike as you can get. And that is unfortunate, because he really is a damn good footballer.

In other news, two words: Jeremy Lin. Wow. Here’s hoping he’s not too tired against the Timberwolves tomorrow (err today US time)…