I left my flat today

I finally got hungry enough to get changed and leave my flat to buy groceries. I think my tolerance for hunger gets less as I get older. So now I have milk and eggs and sausages and bread and biscuits and crisps and frozen dumplings and ginger beer. I debated (with the self) about whether or not I should go… I think the deciding factor was that I probably won’t go out tomorrow either, so I might as well.

Maybe tomorrow, somehow, I will find enough motivation to go to the gym. Or maybe not.

Sibling conversations

This took place yesterday, between a TT, 3-year old, and NN, an almost-5-year old.

NN was eating lime green jelly she’d made (with TT and their mum) earlier.

TT: 我要啊! (I want some.)
NN: 你已經食左喇! (You already ate yours.)
TT: 我要啊! (I want some.) (Tries to grab it)
NN: (moving away) No! 你已經食左喇! (No! You already ate yours.)
TT: 但係你要減肥啊! (But you need to go on diet!)

My jaw dropped.

I have nothing to say today.

Except that it was my mum’s birthday yesterday, and we – what’s left of the immediately family – had dinner in Kowloon City. And on our way there, the taxi turned up off Boundary Street into Ho Tung Road to get to Kowloon City traffic-light-free, I almost had a coronary, and asked the driver – in a horrified voice – where he was going. I still shudder at the thought. What is wrong with me? It’s been 17 years! Get a grip!!

Tsk tsk tsk.


It’s the first time I’ve dreamed this year. 2012. This dragon year. I rarely do things that make me dream because I don’t have the guts to go pursue anything, nor do I think I have the talent to do it, but well, there are things that inspire me… and I usually stay away from them.

Today, I don’t know why, I decided to re-watch Kissing Jessica Stein. I love this film. I love the music, I love the story, I love the intelligence, I love New York! It’s a film that inspires me and touches my heart and makes me laugh and makes me tear up. I love it.

It makes me want to tell stories.

I wonder how many times I will dream this year. I wonder whether I will get the chance to do anything with the dreams. Or rather, I wonder whether I will ever get off my ass and do something about the fact that I have dreams.

Instead of lazily dreaming my time away.

The heater is off!

Thank God. It was getting a little too chilly for a little too long. My little heater fan does not make much difference in a big empty flat with zero insulation haha.

I need to commit to either staying here or not. My lease is up later on this year (October, actually) and I’m worried my landlord will want to increase my rent. My place is big and very convenient, but it’s also quite rundown and I’m not sure I want to pay any more than I am already paying to stay here *sigh* So. There’s a part of me that wants to tidy up the house and make it more comfortable and homey, but there’s the part of me that thinks I should not spend any money on any of that, and my lease is up later this year anyway. Dilemmas.

For me to be even thinking about this, means I am currently very bored. Ten more days until I travel again. Can’t bloody wait!

First hike in ten years!

Walked across Lamma Island today – over the hills and by the beaches – for the first time since the 90s. I’ve totally neglected this island for years. I wonder why.

The walk was actually a “Lucky Hike” with a friend and her large extended family. They’ve been doing this for about ten years now (this was definitely the coldest year, apparently – thank God the rain held off!!) There were about twenty of us, which made the walk a pretty noisy one! In truth, it seemed more like a food tour (seriously, we ate far more than we walked!!) than anything else but it was fun and it was a great start to the new year.

Must remember this happy combination of fresh air and good company!!


Skipped a post already!!!

I am a fuckwit hahaha. A post a day my ass!!!

So far, it’s been fun spending time with friends (played mahjong until 5am the other day haha!!) and family. And it’s been interesting looking around the flat and seeing how very empty it is without my flattie. I’m now back at the stage where I wish the house was mine so I could renovate it and redo the silly layout! Bah!

Right. I think I need to go and pass out now, since I’m supposed to be going hiking tomorrow. Good night!