Can’t believe this film is 13 years old. Really?? 13???!!! I find that so hard to believe. I love that people still respond with “there’s a glitch in the matrix” when someone says “deja vu” (at least within my social circle…) It cracks me up. Ahhhh. Freaking fantastic.

Gmail sch-mail

The new gmail interface was forced upon me a few days ago and my beautiful dark grey background is no more… Thus, I went through the new themes and picked the “Tree”. And over the past few days, the weather on my gmail background (with the tree at the bottom of the page) has matched the weather in Hong Kong.

To the extent that as my friends were talking about a lightning storm where they were (I couldn’t see it from my flat), the interface changed, right before my eyes, into one with a lightning storm happening.

Technology. Amazeballs. I feel so… old…

I heart Joss Whedon

Love. There is no other word, but love. The love has been there since Buffy and then Firefly, it was a little shaken by Serenity and Dr Horrible’s Singalong Blog, but when the news came that The Avengers was going to be written and directed by Joss Whedon…….. There are no words.

I’m probably exaggerating, but The Avengers is a proper team film and is amazing, great fun throughout.

I think I need to see it again.

My Sassy Girl

It’s been a long, long time since I last watched this film. And now, all these years later, it’s still funny and it still makes me cry. Ahhh. I wonder where the girl has gone… Haven’t seen her in anything since Blood, which wasn’t all that great to be honest…

In other news, I also rewatched Octopussy this evening because it was on TV whilst we were having dinner… Happy birthday, Tin. We love you very much.

Group hug!

Dinner tonight with some old friends. It was funny how we were all rushing off after dessert – Ki to his new puppy, Mo to her baby, Kanas to his hubby and me to my never-ending freelance work. it used to be that we would sit and chat until the small hours of the night… Times have certainly changed.

Having said that, hilarity hasn’t and the four of us laughed (and ate) non-stop over the 3+ hours we spent together. Good friends, good times, so blessed.