Cheesy fingers.

My current favourite crisps are Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream. My fingertips always turn orange, and they’ll smell of the cheesy powder for a little while. It stops the craving for Garrett Popcorn for a while… Yum yum. Haha.

In other news, it was Shrove Tuesday, and I made blueberry pancakes for the first time. Yay.

Simple cooking

These days I’ve been making pancakes a lot. I could whip it up from scratch but I’ve discovered the joys of Bisquick – just add milk and eggs!

As I have no measuring cup, I just use a mug, and as I have no mixing bowl, I use the biggest bowl I’ve got (a soup bowl) and use a fork to mix. As a result, I’ve come to realise that my pancake batter is much more runny than it should be… But it’s okay!

A few days ago, I bought some ground cinnamon… I’m looking forward to cinnamon pancakes. Maybe next time I’ll get some blueberries too. Yum yum!