The Oscars.

Every year there is one day when I bemoan the fact that I don’t have TV. These days, one doesn’t really need TV anymore, what with our local TV channel streaming online, and things like Netflix. However, on this one day, the fact that I don’t have a TV means I don’t get to watch the Oscars. It plays on our local TV channel, but “due to copyright restrictions”, it isn’t streamed. I’m not surprised. Oh well.

I spent the morning (yes, the Oscars are live here in Hong Kong in the morning) watching Netflix and following the results (and reactions) on Twitter. Twitter is really incredible. It makes me laugh so much.

Anyway. I love that Suicide Squad is now “Academy Award-winning film, Suicide Squad.” I love that Hacksaw Ridge won two. I’m so glad that The White Helmets won Best Documentary Short – the actual people who comprise the white helmets should really be given all sorts of accolades, but anything to raise awareness is great… I thought Jimmy Kimmel’s opening monologue was incredibly on point, and the Meryl Streep section made me laugh out loud. And I’m glad that Moonlight opened and closed the show with its awards… despite the controversy. I also think we should give PWC a break. I mean come on. It’s been 89 years of Academy Awards. It’s just one mistake (although a pretty massive one haha). I loved Twitter’s reaction – mostly related to Steve Harvey hahaha…

Alright then. Here’s looking forward to another year of awesome films :)

Tom Jones

It was with great sadness that Tom Jones cancelled his tour to HK last year when his wife passed away, so it was with great excitement when he announced he was heading back to HK. Except… his show date was on the same day as Guns n Roses in Singapore, as well as both the Dragonland Festival and 李榮浩 in HK. Unfortunately, I couldn’t afford to fly down to Singapore, and I am not a Black Eyed Peas / Iggy Azalea / Leon Lai / Carly Rae Jepsen / 李榮浩 fan… And so when I was gifted a ticket to Tom Jones, I was pretty chuffed.

It was an incredible short show (not quite 90 minutes), but every minute of it packed with old and new hits. Tom brought a great band (fantastic bassist, and everyone multi-talented) though unfortunately the guitar amps were way too loud and so a lot of the music – keys for sure, sometimes even Tom’s vocals – got drowned out by the red hot guitar playing, it was still an awesome night of music.

And for the first time in all my years of watching gigs, I witnessed two ladies throw panties up on stage. BWAHAHAHAHHAHA. I was practically crying with laughter :D

Damn fun night, yup!

When Breath Becomes Air

by Paul Kalanithi.

It’s rare for me to find beautiful prose. I think it’s the type of book I usually read – mostly crime thrillers and biographies, sometimes children’s books, mostly adventure-based – which are story-driven and so it’s rare to have words that pirouette off the page.

I randomly came across an excerpt of When Breath Becomes Air in The New Yorker in the middle of the night a few nights ago. It was a breathtaking piece of writing. So much so that I went and bought it immediately, and read it on my Kindle. I finished it at 9am.

Not all of it was as good, some parts of it were better. I suppose that’s normal. The excerpt was actually from towards the end, which made me suddenly realise we were nearing the end of the book, which made me sad. The most surprising part I think, was the epilogue. It was incredibly well-written, and I totally hadn’t expected that. I hadn’t expected both husband and wife (both full-time medics) to be such good writers…

But anyway. It’s a beautiful book about a talented man who had spent his life training as a neurosurgeon, and then just as he was about to take on the world, was forced to face his own mortality. An incredible read.

James Taylor & His All-Star Band

Phwoar. The original JT. James Taylor and his incredible band KILLED IT tonight. This particular gig marks the end of this current tour, which took him from New Zealand and Australia through to Singapore and Hong Kong, and my goodness I’m so glad I was there at this last show.

The rundown was separated into two sections, with a 20 minute intermission in between. And just like a few days ago in Singapore, he signed autographs for the entire 20 minutes – he never went backstage during the intermission – and the crowd of people at the front of the stage wouldn’t disperse until he actually had to get up off his knees on the stage and start singing. He didn’t even stop to drink some water, he just got up, picked up his guitar (his band were already back on stage and playing) and started.

The first section ended with “Shed a Little Light”.. So poignant, and still so current, this song… James Taylor rules.

And recognise that there are ties between us
All men and women living on the Earth
Ties of hope and love
Sister and brotherhood


Right. It’s 2017. It’s been about two years since I last updated this blog, and let’s just say it’s been a damn interesting two years, where it seems like nothing has changed but also so much has changed. I suppose that’s the story of everyone’s life.

I’m resuscitating the blog because I was recently introduced to Netflix. Yes, Netflix has been around for a while – thanks to the old flattie (who made me watch The Walking Dead), and who also watched Archer with me, on Netflix via VPN – and it’s even been available locally in HK for a while, but it’s been a very recent addition to my life. It’s a good thing. It’s damn addictive. The programming is pretty spectacular, even though it doesn’t have Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Or Firefly.

So this is it. We’re going back to writing about the books and movies and TV shows and documentaries that I watch. We’ll see how long I get before I am drowning in work again. For the moment though, it seems like my calendar is completely empty which is freaky as hell. But well. We’ll see :)