20+ hour days

Are not cool. Except I can’t really complain because at least I get days off (when Boss has to fly) and he doesn’t (because he is flying for work). Although I suppose he gets paid a lot more than I do. Bwahahhaha.

The funny thing though, is that I’m more awake now than I was this morning (or yesterday morning, to be exact) when I went to work. As if I needed more proof that I’m a typical owl…

Home sweet home

Genting was SO nice. 21 degrees, great sun during the day time, breezy and cool and night. SO much better than this sticky, disgusting 33-degree Hong Kong. BAH.

It was great to see Jess. I’m so glad she came up the mountain to visit and bring me food and laughs!! Wish I could’ve gone down to see JB, Bren & Boo but some things just aren’t meant to be. Also wish we didn’t have to leave the bloody hotel at 5am to get to the airport in time for our flight. Seriously. Post-show. Meaning we wouldn’t even be back in our rooms until just before midnight… and we’d have to pack… WTH.

In other news, I’m so thankful that RJW is standing in for me at my other job. I don’t think I would have coped with heading in to TVB and working… Would’ve been nice to see the sister though. Oh well.


So bloody sick

Somehow, for no apparent reason, I got really sick. Half my throat was swollen, I couldn’t swallow properly, and it was a horrible feeling. Luckily after all my meetings, I had time to go and see my doc, and she did the most amazing thing for me. She pressed down on this pressure point on my thumb, and my throat miraculously opened. Miraculously. Of course, as soon as she let go again, my throat bloody closed up again and swallowing hurt again.

So she prescribed these meds for me, and then somehow half-jokingly said that she was worried I was going to get a fever and that I would get better quicker if I let some blood out. I was like… What??! Which meant of course I have to try…

So she called the nurse in, got a pricker thing, and pricked my thumb three times where she’d been holding the pressure point down, and let some blood out. Then she did exactly the same thing for the other thumb. And then she put bandaids on my thumbs and said, Okay, you should get better faster now…

By the end of the night, I was feeling like SHIT. I had a fever, my throat was gone, I could barely stay awake. I seriously felt like shit. I crawled into bed after work (sadly, we didn’t finish until midnight) without even showering, feeling hot but cold but hot but cold, and thought about how I much I hated feeling sick, especially this week, the busiest week I’ve had so far…

And then twelve hours later, I woke up and I was all sweaty and hot but so much better. Even my throat was better. No kidding. Still a little headachey but still!!

I am amazed. Amazed at the power of my doc (for predicting the fever, and the pressure point thing, and the fact that I was feeling better). Amazed that God made me better in time to get my scripts done before deadline hit. Hahahaha. Yay.

18 hours.

I passed out for 18 hours today. In a way, it was expected as I’d only slept a couple hours here and there the past week. But it was kinda crap that it happened today (or yesterday actually) and not tomorrow. Let me rephrase. It’s kinda crap that it happened on Friday and not on Saturday… as I had a lunch date, a dinner date and a drinks date, all of which I missed.

Fucking idiot.

Skipped a post already!!!

I am a fuckwit hahaha. A post a day my ass!!!

So far, it’s been fun spending time with friends (played mahjong until 5am the other day haha!!) and family. And it’s been interesting looking around the flat and seeing how very empty it is without my flattie. I’m now back at the stage where I wish the house was mine so I could renovate it and redo the silly layout! Bah!

Right. I think I need to go and pass out now, since I’m supposed to be going hiking tomorrow. Good night!