Yay! I’m all caught up!! It’s so good. I can’t stop talking about it. Hahaha!!

In other news, I also watched rewatched Hercules today. I remember not liking the film very much (I watched it at the cinema, UA Shatin, if I’m not mistaken, back in 1997…) (Well, The Lion King came before Hercules, and seriously, I mean… how can you even put the two in the same sentence…) but it’s really not that bad. And the guy who plays Hades (James Woods) – his manner of speaking (though not his voice) is exactly the same as Billy Crystal. It’s so bizarre!!

And I also watched God Bless America. Which is so darkly funny… omgosh. I wonder if anyone can write something like this about Hong Kong. I wonder…

I’m glad I watched some interesting films. It’s been too long. (No $$ & no TV means I keep rewatching old films, it’s good to finally have some new material in my head!!)


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