So… a friend of mine – a male friend of mine, it should be noted – was telling me his favourite romantic comedies were ones with John Cusack, to which I was not sure how to respond. The only thing I remember seeing John Cusack in, is Con Air, which isn’t exactly a romcom…

Anyway. I was in Beijing recently, and said friend and I met up, and we decided to drink wine (he drank wine, I drank tea) and watch old movies… and who showed up on my Netflix browser but John Cusack.

In a way, I’m really not a fan of this film. It perpetuates the unicorn myth – at the end of the film, I turned to my friend and said, “No wonder you believe in unicorns.” On the other hand, it is a kinda sweet story… And Kate Beckinsale is bloody gorgeous.

Okay well. If anyone knows where I can find a copy of Grosse Pointe Blank, do let me know. Haha.

Home – eat to live.

So… as M put it, I think we live to eat… and not the other way around. Haha.

A bit of background info first – M is a super connected person in the food & beverage industry. She’s Japanese but grew up in Scandinavia, and currently lives in Singapore. She works in f&b and eating with M in Singapore means that you never know how good or bad a restaurant is because you will always get incredible food and exemplary service when she’s around.

So when M turned up in Hong Kong, and said, Are you free for lunch today? and then after I said yes thinking that she would ask me to join wherever and whoever she was hanging with, asked, Where shall we go? Casual is good… I underwent an incredibly stressful 20 minutes while I tried to figure out where to bring her. The thought process kinda went like this: Shit, I never eat lunch, what is a good lunch? What does casual mean? Cha chaan teng? No wait, she’s doesn’t eat meat… Shit, what’s open on a Sunday? Okay, where has she been already, no wrong question, where hasn’t she been already… argh!!!

Luckily for me, Home was perfect. So perfect, in fact, that M swiped a menu and put it into her purse hahaha. Most of the items on the menu are named after beautiful animals – from the Quagga to the Northern White Rhino to the Indian Elephant and the Hawaiian Monk Seal – all vegetarian, and many of them vegan / gluten free / dairy free. M had the Manta Ray, which is a spinach salad with roasted pumpkin and quinoa and pickled beets, her husband (a meat eater!) had the Polar Bear, a burger with a beet, mushroom & oat patty, (and which I had wanted to order myself haha!), and I had the Siberian Tiger, which is a (purple!) rice bowl with mushrooms and tofu and the most ridiculously delicious beetroots. We also had some cauliflower mash (not my cup of tea, never has been my cup of tea – I love cauliflower but as a mash, it’s just not my thing), and sweet potato fries with classic aioli which were the best sweet potato fries I’ve ever had.

Drinks-wise, we all started with juices – I had a sweet green one (kale juice with apple makes me happy, it also had peppers and other things that are green haha), M had a proper green one, and her husband had a scarlet one (beets and other things…) and then we ended with a double espresso for him, a rooibos tea for her, and an almond mylk for me. I chose the mylk – spelt with a y because it has no dairy in it – because the ingredients list just looked incredible – tumeric (I need more tumeric in my life!), almond mylk, coconut, etcetc – and it was sooo yummy :D

So yes. I had a great lunch. And despite it being “bird and rabbity food”, the meat-loving husband enjoyed it too… and M loved it. So much so that she wanted to buy the hot sauce and bring it home, and she wanted dessert even though she was so full, and she complained that there’s nothing like it in Singapore. So… yeah. Phewf. Hahaha.