Knicks@Raptors last year

I didn’t watch the game that they played on Valentine’s Day last year. I saw the highlights. I “watched” the game live via play-by-play (we were on the tour bus going from hotel to airport in China), and I remember saying to Randy, It’s been a good run, it’s about time they lost…

And then of course, after I’d checked in all the guitars and gear and stuff, Randy told me to check the play-by-play, and JLin’d made the winning 3-pointer.

I didn’t get to watch the whole game until tonight. Can I just say… HOW THE HECK DID THEY PULL OUT THAT WIN???? Seriously. How!!!!

Anyway. That’s all. Haha.

All-Star Weekend

I’m remembering this time last year, Jeremy Lin was on his Linsane streak. I’m remembering All-Star Weekend last year, when he had his own press conference, which is madness hahaha. Anyway. This afternoon, I was rewatching the Mavs@Knicks game last year, the one where JR Smith played even though he’d only arrived back in New York the night before, and the one where Novak made practically all his shots, including several huge 3-pointers in the 4th quarter, and the one where JLin shot over 7-foot-tall Dirk Nowitzki twice. Bwahahaha. It was a good match. Linsanity indeed.