The Wedding Date

I’m really quite… embarrassed to post all these romcoms that I watch hahaha. But well. I went out to buy You’ve Got Mail, and it came in a pack of four (or five?!) movies so I’m now stuck with all these romcoms. And no, I’m not blaming anyone/thing, I’m just saying.

This film made me laugh out loud though. That British chick is hilaaaaaaaarious!! But she was probably the only good thing about the film. Okay. I really need to balance my life out with some hardcore action films…

Two Weeks Notice

Apparently, I watch too many romcoms. I agree. Anyway… I’m not sure why I never watched this one, since it came out back when I thought Hugh Grant was stupendously charming. Probably too broke to watch it I suppose. Hm. Anyway. It’s okay. It’s not great, but it’s okay. Made me laugh a little. And I like that girl who was in Miss Congeniality with Sandra Bullock. Heather Burns? Yeah.

Anyway. Moving on. Hahaha.


I love the Oscars. I love the dresses, I love the speeches, I love the terrible jokes. I’m not quite sure about Seth McFarlane though. Or rather, I’m not sure that all his jokes worked out. And I’m really not sure about the whole Captain Kirk thing at the beginning. I really would rather he’d performed the boob song live hahahaha. Anyway.

For the most part, I was happy with the results. While Life of Pi was cinematically gorgeous, I do think a lot of it was post, so I would have preferred for Roger Deakins to have won for Skyfall, which I thought was bloody amazing. Oh well. I’m happy that Ang Lee got his second Oscar for directing, and I’m really happy that Argo won Best Picture, even though I think it’s partly because of the no-directing-nomination-snub. Haha. Consolation prize, eh.

Speaking of the snub, one of the best Seth McFarlane jokes tonight — “The story was so top secret, that the film’s director is unknown to the Academy.” Bwahahhaha.

And well, the best quote of the night definitely goes to the director of Argo. Who still managed to get an Oscar because he also produced it.

…You have to work harder than you think you possibly can. You can’t hold grudges. It’s hard but you can’t hold grudges. And it doesn’t matter how you get knocked down in life cos that’s gonna happen. All that matters is that you gotta get up.
— Ben Affleck

Knicks@Raptors last year

I didn’t watch the game that they played on Valentine’s Day last year. I saw the highlights. I “watched” the game live via play-by-play (we were on the tour bus going from hotel to airport in China), and I remember saying to Randy, It’s been a good run, it’s about time they lost…

And then of course, after I’d checked in all the guitars and gear and stuff, Randy told me to check the play-by-play, and JLin’d made the winning 3-pointer.

I didn’t get to watch the whole game until tonight. Can I just say… HOW THE HECK DID THEY PULL OUT THAT WIN???? Seriously. How!!!!

Anyway. That’s all. Haha.


I shied away from watching this film for ages because I love tennis and I thought that I would absolutely hate watching two people (or more than two people) pretend to play tennis at top level. And indeed, many of the shots drove me crazy hahaha. But hey, I will watching (almost) anything, and I very rarely say no if someone else wants to watch a certain film. (I will say no to horror. Because I get horrified. Scared. Can’t walk up the dark stairs to my apartment without getting that horrible tingly scary feeling *shudders*)

Anyway. I haven’t seen Kirsten Dunst in anything since Spidey, and that was years ago. So it was nice to see her again. And I really like Paul Bettany (mainly because of his hilarious performance in A Knight’s Tale)… so it wasn’t too bad. Plus James McAvoy provided a few funny moments as a complete dick of a brother. Heh.

But on the other hand, it’s the same old shit. Rom-coms. Sigh. Hahaha.

A Calendar of Tales

I heart Neil Gaiman.

So BlackBerry asked Neil Gaiman to write twelve short stories, and he asked his twitter followers twelve different questions, and then he picked an answer for each month, and then wrote a story about it. 9000 words in like… three days or a week. Pretty damn awesome.

I love the stories. You can find them here or at the BlackBerry link above.

I think they are now looking for art work inspired by the stories, which they will incorporate into the calendar. Or something.

My favourites? January, October, September and July. Yup. I heart Neil Gaiman.

A Good Day To Die Hard

Was really not that great.

The opening action sequence made me cringe to think of all that wasted scrap metal. How much did the damn film cost to make?!! How many cars were destroyed in it?! Seriously! More than the number of people killed by QT in his films… And even then, it’s only fake blood that goes to waste.

I don’t know if I’m being judgmental because I work on action films. I don’t know if I’m being judgmental because the last big film I worked on, I was so disillusioned I almost quit the industry (too much wastage, and working in a country where there are so many people, everyone is replaceable within the snap of fingers, and so they can be treated like shit, and paid meagre wages, and fed disgusting food – 6+ years on, I still have issues), I don’t know. My sis on the other hand, liked it. She said as long as you accept that John McClane is actually a superhero in human costume, then it’s a great ride! I’m not sure I agree, but okay.

John McClane always was a superhero – the superhero next door, if there is such a term – and I heart him very much, but this was definitely by far my least favourite Die Hard film. Sigh.

Alias Grace

By Margaret Atwood.

There was a time when I actively sought after Margaret Atwood books. I think I read most of her books in a year, back in the late 90s. And so when Alias Grace came out in 2000, I was over it, over her. And so I didn’t read it. And I haven’t read an Atwood book since, actually. (Even though I have The Year of the Flood, in hardback no less, but I haven’t touched it.)

But I’ve always loved her books, loved the way she tells her stories, loved her stories. I don’t remember them impacting my life (unlike Jeanette Winterson, who seriously impacted my life) but I remember loving the stories enough to go look for the next one.

Anyway. I started reading Alias Grace because my brother is studying it for school. And he keeps asking me questions about the book, so I decided I’d better read it. Instead of finding answers for him on google. Haha. And as soon as I started, I remembered why I loved Margaret Atwood. Her writing is so intimate. It’s like… It’s like I know the character. As if she’s my friend. It’s so bizarre. I love it.

And so I feel like I know Grace Marks. Her voice is so rich and real and… intimate. Hmm. I like very much.