Food glorious food!

I love great food. And Singapore has lots of it. So far I’ve had Spize (which wasn’t great though, so I probably won’t be going back *sigh*) and Niqqi’s Cheese Prata (which was much, much better than Spize) and Ola (BEST Spanish I’ve had in my life yet) and Symmetry (Melbournesque cafe, brunch was pretty good, but service was excruciatingly slow – lucky for me, I was with good company) and PS Cafe (at Dempsey though, which is a great location but not-so-great food) and Hai Tien Lo (excellent hargow & siumai, the rest was… passable) and Redhill Market (carrot cake supper! Yay) and Waroeng Penyet (Indonesian food, excellent sambal!) and Mingthai (best crystal noodles I’ve ever tasted) and Crystal Jade (fast and easy – our goal was mainly Cold Storage haha) and TWG (can’t believe they’ve now expanded into HK and Thailand!!) and Boost (yay best juice EVER!!) and Salt (tapas, fab chicken liver… but that’s about it)…

And I’m super looking forward to dinner tmr night – CRAB!!! YAYYYY!!!!!


I really, really love books. I love looking at them. The smell, the look, the feel, everything about them makes me covet. It’s crazy. It’s like I have this obsession. Unfortunately, with my current financial state, I’ve had to stay away from books… but I couldn’t help walking into the best bookstore I’ve ever been in – and what hurts is that it’s even better than I expected/remembered. Ahhhh… I love it so much in there…

Henderson Waves

I love that there’s a trail that consists of bridges and goes above the city here. It’s so gorgeous. I also love that it actually gets cooler when it rains. And so today, when we walked along the bridge known as Henderson Waves, and along the metal bridge that zigzags through the city, known as Forest Walk, it was comfortable enough that there wasn’t that awful sticky, sweaty feeling… There are things I love so much about Singapore!!!

View of the city from Henderson Waves

Growing up…

Had lunch with girls I’ve known since sixth form and their families. Five kids, all under the age of four, 3 mums, 2 dads, 1 nanny… and two single girls from Hong Kong. Hahaha. It was interesting to hang with this group… interesting to see how everyone has grown up…

And then I had thanksgiving dinner with my good friend Grace and her family. I’ve known them since I was 5 or 6… it was good to see them all, all the kids earning so much more money than my sis and I put together. Eek. Oh well, to each his/her own, right.

I made sure there’s leftover mashed potatoes, which is in the fridge. Lucky me.

Sigur Ros!!!!

Oh my goodness graciousness!!!

You’d think that rain in an outdoor venue would kill the show, wouldn’t you?! But the rain came just as the encore was about to start… and it got heavier as the encore went on… but oh my goodness, it made the show BETTER!!!

Anyway. I’m so very blessed to have been able to catch this amazing band live. Really hope I get to watch them again, maybe closer to stage next time!!

Thank you, CL.