Landed in Beijing! Staying at a friend’s beautiful apartment in Sanlitun. The weather is amazing. I love it, especially standing out on the balcony, enjoying the breeze… I am, however, starving, and there’s nothing to eat in the house. The fridge has rolls of film, and batteries. Typical of a bachelor/photographer/producer dude. Haha.

The food-less fridge.

Voiceover madness

Travelled all the way to TVB today to do dubbing work. No, I wasn’t the voice talent, sadly. I wonder if I will ever get a chance to do that kind of work. Hmm. Anyway, I was there as the writer, which was interesting. It’s been really interesting working for TV because I have no prior knowledge of how it works… I’m liking it. Definitely praying for more such work!!

TVB City really does smell like rubbish…

And I’d always thought my sis was exaggerating. Hahaha. Oops. It’s because the landfill is right there… Walking out into the canteen area, it’s like Wooah… Stinky much!!

Anyway. It was interesting, I got a nice tour of the place (mainly the news department haha) and bumped into an old acquaintance (an actor who I’d worked with in 2006) (who my sis thought looked familiar, but which I put down to his being an actor… later she remembered that actually, they are both on the dragon boat racing team bwahahaha) and afterwards was driven to Tai Koo for homecooked dinner.

SO FUN. Hope I don’t have to go back there very often though. It’s far… Tsk tsk tsk.