Chef’s Table – season one.

Last year, I was approached to produce a huge show spanning various cities and restaurants. Whilst doing research for said show (which I didn’t end up getting), I was told about Chef’s Table, which I had no access to as I had no Netflix.

I have Netflix now.

Without realising, I watched the first season in a day – I didn’t know that there were only six episodes to a season. The most compelling part about the show is understanding what goes on in the brain of a hugely successful chef. The most awful part of the show is the fact that I will likely never be able to afford a meal at any of these restaurants. I also don’t like the music, but that’s just a personal thing. I’m not a fan of Vivaldi’s Seasons, so the theme tune is like… meh. And I know classical music, so it’s distracting when it’s in the background. But like I said, it’s personal. I’m weird. I’m sure other people love it.

My favourite episode in the first season is the last one, featuring Magnus Nilsson, who owns Fäviken in the middle of nowhere in Sweden. It’s incredible that this little restaurant, so constrained by its environment, can serve up meals that are just beautiful.

The Dan Barber of Blue Hill Restaurant episode was also great. I love farms and watching this episode about his grandma’s farm made me happy. Farm to table is so two (or three or four or five) years ago, but the concept will always make sense, and fresh food is always best.

Anyway. Shows like these inspire me to make good shows. Maybe someday, one day…. :)


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