French Open: the women. And F1.

Oh man. I wanted Simona Halep to win so badly. Like… even more than I wanted Andy Murray to beat… no. That’s not true. I probably wanted Murray to beat Wawrinka more. But still. I wanted Halep to win. Oh well.

In other news, Lewis Hamilton won his 65th pole position today in Canada, and received one of Ayrton Senna’s helmets from his family for matching the late, great Senna’s achievement of 65 poles… That was incredibly touching. And it was a great day for Hamilton whose last race was not so great.

In any case, it’s going to be an interesting day tomorrow… Nadal-Wawrinka (go Nadal!) and the Canadian Grand Prix…

I love sports <3!! And yay to being in a hotel, so I get to watch sports (even though it’s all in Mandarin) hahahaha…

The Blind Side.

What a movie! What a story! Love this!!

And Tim McGraw is HAWT! (Or he was when the film came out… back in the day… hahaha).

Apparently, this film is based on a book, which I now think I have to read. But basically, everyone knows the film because Sandra Bullock won the Oscar for it… And it’s a great film, so touching, and hugely inspiring – the story of Michael Oher and how he came to live with a very well to do Caucasian family, and how he changed their lives, and they changed his.

Love it <3

The Transporter Refueled.

Okay. I mean. Sigh. Okay.

There’s a part of me that just wants to wring Hollywood’s neck. There’s a part of me that wants to smack all those damn studio heads and ask why the HELL are we being put through sequels and reboots and just non-original shit all the time these past few years. I mean seriously.

The story is ridiculous. It’s worse than the three Jason Statham ones. Sigh. The lead guy is… I don’t know. I wish he didn’t have to portray Frank Martin, which is the same character that Statham played. Why couldn’t he have been a different character? He nailed the tone of voice… but then it was weird because it sounded kinda like Statham but it wasn’t Statham. Sigh. Anyway.

The action however, is fantastic. In the originals, Cory Yuen choreographed excellent excellent scenes for Jason Statham, and this was very different, which was great because I could enjoy it without feeling like something was missing.

Anyway. I watched it. I finished it. I liked the action. That’s about it…. yup.

Designated Survivor.


Okay. So this is supposed to be a weekly show, and because I binge watched it, I totally understand the need for this to be shown weekly. There’s just TOO. MUCH. DRAMA. Hahaha. I remember when I was watching The Walking Dead, and I said to Matt – can they just have one episode of like… peace and calm…!!!! I was pretty much thinking the same for this show.

To be honest, I was never a fan of 24, or of Kiefer Sutherland, but this show, omgosh. President Tom Kirkland is so perfect. I mean he’s not… but he is. And his team are so good, and Kal Penn is perfect, and it’s just a fantastic show. Fantastic in that it’s awesome, but also that it’s fantasy. I mean seriously, an independent becoming president? An independent bringing the parties together? In our dreams… (says the non-American).

Anyway. This show is a damn good ride. And it ends on a cliffhanger (of course). I’m curious to know how Season 2 will pan out… I mean… Sometimes I get to a point where I’m just like too much drama and then I’m over it (case in point: The Walking Dead) (also to some extent, Scandal). Oh well. We shall see…..

One Love Manchester.

In light of all the fucking awful shit that’s been happening all over the world, it’s good to see some solidarity and love shine through the cracks… And in the name of charity and in the name of love, a shit tonne of really famous people put their differences (and sometimes their bands!) aside to come together to put on a fantastic show in Manchester.

The show started with Marcus Mumford (except… I missed that part, had to rewatch it on YouTube, oops), and then Take That took over the stage and led the crowd in song. Take That, my beloved boy band, who had had to cancel their three Manchester shows in light of the attack. Take That then introduced their brother in arms, Robbie Williams (wearing a Justin Bieber hoodie!!), after Robbie was a clip of U2, and then it just went on, all these amazing people coming together.

It’s funny that to me, the highlight of the show was Coldplay. I’d never been a Coldplay fan until earlier this year when I saw them live in Singapore. But Coldplay managed to take a sombre crowd and turn it up a notch and got everyone singing and dancing, the rainbow confetti, it was just… a party. Not to mention the fact that they opened with Don’t Look Back in Anger, which was just incredibly fitting.

Huge respect to Ariana Grande, Scooter Braun, and the many, many, many people it took to pull something like this off. Big love to Facebook for streaming it live for people like me as I was in a city where it wasn’t broadcast live…

Simple awesome <3

What Happens in Vegas.

So…. I was binge watching Designated Survivor and it got too intense… so I looked around on Netflix for something not intense, and landed on this… And while it’s the same old formula, some of it is still pretty funny. And strangely enough, I prefer it to Ashton Kutcher’s other well-known rom-com, No Strings Attached. Well. At least the ending to this one is slightly better. The ending dialogue between Kutcher and Natalie Portman was awful enough to ruin the film for me.

(Yes I am a rom-com junkie. I am also an action film junkie. I’m less defensive about the action films though… Usually… Haha.)

Anyway suffice to say, What Happens in Vegas did the job of destressing the DS situation (although now that I’m thinking about it, I’m quite concerned that Maggie Q has just gotten her friend and colleague, Chuck, into a helluva lot of trouble) so now I can take a deep breath and pretend all is fine in a world where the Capitol Building was blown up on the night of the State of the Union.

Right. Time for bed then :)

Higher Education: The New Global Economic War.

Watched on a CX flight from HKG to TPE. June 2017.

Tragic. Just… Sigh. It’s like… the generation before us, they worked their asses off so that we could get a good education, so that we could get out of whatever situation, whatever class bracket we were in. And now, we have made getting a university education so incredibly expensive, that people who graduate are in so much debt, it then takes God knows how many years to level with the amount of student loans (plus interest) that were taken…. and unfortunately, it seems there aren’t enough jobs for all the graduates, and so they are mired in debt for God knows how many years… but time doesn’t stop… and it’s just a ridiculous vicious cycle. Sigh.

I don’t know if we can point the finger at the Labour Party in the UK – their reasons for making citizens pay for university were valid. However, the repercussions are so massive that it’s just difficult all round. Sigh.

And so many UK students would go to other European universities because they don’t charge EU students tuition… but guess what… now with Brexit… I can’t even.

Sigh. No words.