The Hippopotamus.

by Stephen Fry.

This book was not at all what I was expecting. I mean, first of all it’s written in the first person – I haven’t read a book in the first person in aaaaages – and secondly, it’s so over the top. The main dude is such a pretentious, cantankerous old fart, and yet as the story goes on, he kinda grows on you, despite his being an annoying lecherous old fart… Haha.

So, like the main dude, the story grew on me, and I finished it much quicker than I expected. I was quite surprised to see the timeline of the book being in the early 90s – it’s been such a long time since I’ve seen a story set in that time period – but it doesn’t detract from the story at all (perhaps because I lived the 90s – it might not resonate so much with people who don’t remember a time without mobile phones…) and I really enjoyed the reading about the shenanigans that the wealthy English aristocrats get up to.

And then when I finished and put the book up on goodreads, I found out that the book had been published in 1994… which makes the timeline make sense now hahahaha… Too funny.

I’m curious to know whether Stephen Fry’s writing is always like this…. but I have many, many already purchased books to get through… Haha. So we shall see when the next Fry book shows up on my list :D


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