The Sum of All Fears.

I’m sorry, Ben Affleck, but Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan is so much better than yours. I suppose, though, it wasn’t your performance. It was the not-great script, the fact that with the exception of Morgan Freeman (who died around halfway into the movie) and the beautiful Bridget Moynahan who really could have been cut out of the film and it would not have made a difference, it was a movie made up completely of boring white men. And when the president has to make tough choices based on the limited info he has, it’s difficult to sympathise with him (unlike in Designated Survivor, where the complexities of every single decision makes every choice a hard one…)

But I suppose it’s unfair to compare a movie made in 2002 to those from this decade. But… I mean, The Matrix is a 1999 film and I still love it… so… yeah.

Not my favourite film.


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