French Open: Rafa!

I’m a Roger fan through and through. And a huge Andy Murray fan. When Nadal as a 19-year old won the French for the first time, I wasn’t overly impressed. This annoying boy with the long hair and sleeveless shirts. Not my cup of tea. But over the years, what he has achieved is just incredible – and not only on his favourite surface (clay, duh). His rivalry with Federer has produced some of the best tennis ever, so yes.

Last year, when Nadal was trying to come back from injury, and came close-ish but not quite in several matches, there were so many questions about whether he could make it back to the top… And then this year at the Australian Open, when the men’s final was – astonishingly – a Federer-Nadal match up, it was such an awesome throwback to their years of dominance. And though I was rooting for Federer, and though I was extremely happy that Federer won, from then on, all I wanted was for Nadal to win the French (preferably also in a Federer-Nadal final… but that was not meant to be as Fed decided to skip the entire clay season). It would be a record-breaking tenth title, and it would be a fitting return for the King of Clay.

And he did it! He swept aside Wawrinka (who, granted, was not playing his best – I am grateful to Murray for wearing Stan down haha), and just was immoveable. An incredible tenth French Open title – aptly named La Decima. Fantastic. So glad I got to watch it live (one of the perks of staying at a hotel…) :D


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