Higher Education: The New Global Economic War.

Watched on a CX flight from HKG to TPE. June 2017.

Tragic. Just… Sigh. It’s like… the generation before us, they worked their asses off so that we could get a good education, so that we could get out of whatever situation, whatever class bracket we were in. And now, we have made getting a university¬†education so incredibly expensive, that people who graduate are in so much debt, it then takes God knows how many years to level with the amount of student loans (plus interest) that were taken…. and unfortunately, it seems there aren’t enough jobs for all the graduates, and so they are mired in debt for God knows how many years… but time doesn’t stop… and it’s just a ridiculous vicious cycle. Sigh.

I don’t know if we can point the finger at the Labour Party in the UK – their reasons for making citizens pay for university were valid. However, the repercussions are so massive that it’s just difficult all round. Sigh.

And so many UK students would go to other European universities because they don’t charge EU students tuition… but guess what… now with Brexit… I can’t even.

Sigh. No words.


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