Rise of the Sufferfests.

Watched on a CX flight from HKG to PVG. May 2017.

Okay. So I expected this to be pretty funny even though I don’t understand why people put themselves through all that torture – I don’t even understand marathons, let along marathons with obstacles… like what. Anyway. Scott Keneally is hilarious. He’s an investigative journalist, and he writes about all the fun things haha. I seriously want to go and find all his articles so I can read them haha.

Keneally manages to interview a bunch of really awesome people – for example, Mr. Mouse, the founder of the Tough Guy course, who probably started the whole obstacle race trend; Amelia Boone, champion of several obstacle races, and a legal consultant at Apple (!!!); authors Nicholas Carr & Tim Ferriss (amongst many others); Will Dean, CEO of Tough Mudder; etcetc… the list goes on.

About two thirds of the way into the film, Keneally talks about how the film came about, and it made me laugh a lot when he said he was just naive. As in, he had no understanding of how difficult it would be, and therefore he just decided to do it. Hahahaha. I feel his pain.

Anyway. One of the best quotes in the film is the following:
“What used to define you is how well you could swing your broad sword in battle is now how well you can, you know, move a mouse or… work your tablet…” — Hunter McIntyre

HAHAHA. SO TRUE. Awesome film. Everyone should watch this!!!



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