Netflix is just…. sucking up all my time bwahahha.

I first “met” Charlie Cox (and Henry Cavill, actually) in this wonderful little film. It was Michelle Pfeiffer’s comeback role, it had also been a long time since I’d seen Claire Danes, and Robert De Niro played a gay pirate. I mean… what else can you ask for? Oh! And it’s adapted from a Neil Gaiman book. OH! AND! The song at the very end, when the credits are playing? TAKE THAT <3

This was the first film I watched with Matthew Vaughn as director. I knew him as a producer (and also as Claudia Schiffer’s husband) (only because she was my favourite 90s supermodel – her and Bridget Hall) of films like Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels… but I never realised he directed too. And with zero exception, I have liked every single one of the films that he’s directed since Stardust. (If you want the list, it’s Stardust then Kick-Ass – which was KICK ASS – then X-Men First Class, then Kingsman: The Secret Service. I mean come on. What a list!!!)

Anyhoo. I’d read the Neil Gaiman book so long ago, I remembered it was a fairy tale for adults, but I didn’t really remember the details of the story. So I watched this film – funnily enough, it was the last film I watched with the ex before we went our separate ways… he didn’t want to see it, but he ended up loving it… I think he took the girl he was cheating on me with to see it afterwards hahaha ahem moving on – at Pacific Place (I still remember, ten years on!) and I stinking loved it. And then I went home and re-read the book, and the book is still better. The story is better (changes were made to fit the big screen) in the book, less Hollywoody you know, but still. The film is great! And I’ve been a big Charlie Cox fan ever since. And now he’s bloody Daredevil <3

So yeah. I love that Stardust is on Netflix. I think I might have to rewatch it more than a few times :D Bwahaha… And also, just because I can… here’s the song <3


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