So Close.

Also known as 夕陽天使, directed by the wonderful Cory Yuen (wikipedia spells his name wrong *evil eye*), and starring the beautiful Shu Qi, Karen Mok and Vicky Zhao.

When So Close came out in 2002, I loved it. Cory has a magic wand when it comes to shooting girls in action films – he makes them looks so freaking hot! I remember thinking the storyline was a bit lame, but the sister relationship between Lynn (Shu Qi) and Sue (Vicky Zhao) was damn touching, and Karen Mok is awesome in pretty much anything. Watching the film now, 15 years later, the storyline is actually hella lame, and the dialogue is pretty bad (although both Shu & Zhao are dubbed into Cantonese so maybe it wouldn’t sound so bad in Mando?! I don’t even remember what language I watched it in all those years ago hahaha) but the girls are still hot and the action is still fun.

So yeah. I guess this is one of those films that really don’t hold up well… but hey. It wasn’t so bad that I wanted to stop watching it (do you see how low the bar has gotten now because of that damned idiotic Cameron Crowe film!!! Bah!!!!!!)

I miss working with Cory. Hope he is well :)


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